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Draw and Paint Fantasy Warriors & Heroes with Alan Lathwell - Book review

Updated on June 13, 2012

Learn to draw and paint fantasy art from the pros

Being a budding fantasy artists and a collector of fantasy art books for over 20 years, I wanted to draw your attention to this great fantasy art book from Impact books, Draw and Paint Fantasy Art - Warriors and Heros'. For the last 10 years I have been lucky enough to work for a publisher that prodces some of these wonderful titles and as such have a good insight into these 'how-to-art books'.

Draw and Paint Fantasy Art - Warriors and Heroes' is a 128 page instructiona fantasy art book that shows the reader how to paint 10 fantasy characters including a Barbarian, Boudica, Elvan Archer, Samurai, Amazon, Achilles, Thor, Apache, Gladiator and a Medieval Knight, which makes the subjects varied.

Each demonstrative project starts with an introduction to the character, a sample of the finished artwork for inspiration and the colour palette used.The the project launches into the basic line drawing to start creating your fantasy character. These initial sketches build up into a more finished character, before colour is added and the reader taken step-by-step to the finished painting.

Many books that show the reader step-by-step instruction on how to create a painting can suffer from to few steps. This leaves the reader needing to fill in the gaps to create the painting. Draw and Paint Fantasy Art - Warriors and Hero's, shows about 16 steps for each project, which is enough information to be able to build out your own illustration.

The book allows you to bring to life the most exciting warriors and heroes. Armed with your own pen and paper, let the battle commence!

Discover how to explore anatomy, colour and lighting techniques, and discover how to render combat, armour, weapons and clothing an move forward to becoming a master of fantasy art.

Apart from the main projects the book also covers the following, Materials, Drawing the Figure, Weapons, Colour and Lighting. Over all the books is informative, well presented and is a welcome addition to my collection of fantasy art books from the last 20 years.

A little about the author, Alan Lathwell
Alan Lathwell is a London based freelance illustrator who specialises in fantasy art.His interest in art started at an early age and was fed by the dark and ancient myths of Celtic and Norse mythology. His work has been used to illustrate books, role-playing games collectable cards.

Being inspired by the fantasy art books I have collected over the last 20 years, you can see my attempts here on my Deviant Art page

Easy to follow step-by-steps make this a great book to learn from

Draw & Paint Fantasy Art Warriors & Heroes
Draw & Paint Fantasy Art Warriors & Heroes

An easy to follow fantasy art painting book, ideal for any budding artist


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