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Drawing simple facial features

Updated on July 25, 2012

Drawing Facial Features

Have you ever wanted to get away from the even simpler, not so realistic facial features on the faces of people you draw?

For example:

Less realistic features

Simple and easy

Not that there is anything wrong with these types of features on characters you draw. We are familiar with the cartoon “Charlie Brown” in which all of those characters has features that kind of resemble the above image. If you have even wanted to learn how to make your drawings facial features more like that of a real person, then that is what I am here to show you. Below you will see a simple and easy way to create a nose, eye and mouth.

A little more realistic

How's that?

As you can see… the nose is very simple. After some practice, try adding some shading which will help you to create the bridge and nostril openings.

The mouth is another pretty simple feature and that too can be shaded to give it a more embossed and realistic look.

The eye might be a little bit more complicated since its shape is sometimes important especially when it comes to which will be the inner corner of the eye and the outer corner of the eye. The outer corner of the eye is usually a more stretched out sharper corner. The inner eye corner is usually a more rounded corner because it contains the lacrimal caruncle and tear duct. To help the eye look more realistic, give it lid lines and eye lashes.

This is just the front view of the nose, mouth and eye. Learning how to draw them from other angles is a bit trickier. When you feel comfortable with those three features you are ready to learn how to draw a more realistic looking ear!

Simple side angle features

Here I will show you how to draw a simple yet more realistic nose from the side angle. The images below will hopefully help you with this. Drawing these simple facial features just one time, or for some people it might take some practice; but these will become something you will never forget, like how to ride a bike! Good luck and don’t give up!

Side view features

What about the ear?!

Oh! Well I couldn’t leave you without showing a simple and easy ear to add to your face at a side angle. Just remember on a more realistic person the top of the ear and the top of the eye line up near level as shown below.

Level with the eye

Touch your ear

Finally here is a very simple ear for you to draw. Feel your ear and notice the shape of the hole, many of us have a tube shape that runs from the back of the ear and curves up to the top of the ear. There is no such thing as a perfect ear, all ears are different! Oh and you can even add some bling, like a hoop earring!

Simple ear

No one is the same

Remember not all features are the same because we are all different and unique. People are often recognized by their own personal features and characteristics; it is the special make up of who we are! This world would be quite boring if we all looked exactly the same. Enjoy your day and get your creativity on!


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    • Defective Being profile image

      Brandy 5 years ago from Central Illinois

      Thank you for your kind comment. I appreciate it very much and am glad to know it helped!

    • Ebonny profile image

      Ebonny 5 years ago from UK

      Having enjoyed drawing as a child, life kind of got in the way and so until very recently, I hadn't really drawn anything for a couple of decades. Your clear guidance and illustrations will encourage me to experiment that bit more.