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How to Draw a Car, Tutorial by Fabio Ferrante

Updated on January 8, 2017
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Luciano Bove is a car design manager working at Renault Design, born in Italy he studied at Art Center College of Design in California.

Fabio Ferrante designer
Fabio Ferrante designer | Source

Dear friends,

some time ago I asked a good friend of mine to prepare a nice drawing tutorial for my website and with surprise yesterday Fabio Ferrante (an Italian young designer) sent me an email with his tutorial made for me, today I am happy to publish it for you hoping that it can be of help.

This is a 9 steps tutorial on how to draw and render a car from 3/4 rear top perspective, I advise you to follow with attention this tutorial to try to replicate it and exercise at home (you could save the images or print them to work by free hand).

The milestones are:

  • good perspective and wheels' ellipses
  • linework quality
  • good reflections lines that we will color later
  • good quality in applying the blue color and mix it with the white for volume shaping
  • good shadows and well-set background (give value to your illustrated car)
  • good highlights for a shiny and focal point effect

Outline drawing
Outline drawing | Source
Shadows | Source
Base drawing color
Base drawing color | Source
Glass details and reflextions
Glass details and reflextions | Source
volumes color  treatment
volumes color treatment | Source
Wheels and details
Wheels and details | Source
Highlights and details
Highlights and details | Source
White highlights and black details
White highlights and black details | Source

So here we go with the final step 9 in which we can see the final illustration, Fabio at the end got a good rendering with a nice background and a punchy car shadow. The overall result is pretty good, I find some details really well done such as the wheels and rims or the side body sections.

I hope that you liked it and that it can put you in the mood to try your design in the same perspective.

Take care,

Luciano Bove

Background and final result
Background and final result | Source

© 2011 Luciano Bove


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      AlexJuniorDesenho 5 years ago from São paulo,brazil

      Our cars so I'm going to do some rendering but in most cases are not real and that even more will get there