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Driftwood For Sale, Finding the Right Driftwood for Your Projects

Updated on February 25, 2011

River Driftwood

Woodcarving driftwood
Woodcarving driftwood

Driftwood is Natural, Beautiful and Useful

Driftwood washes up on the shores of rivers and oceans all over the world. Simply, driftwood is made beautiful by ages of wear from water and wind, which helps to create unique twists, holes and curves on the wood. There are many uses for driftwood, including artistic, creative, crafting, woodcarving and for use in aquariums and terrariums.

Aquarium Driftwood

Does your buddy need a perch? Driftwood might be the perfect solution.
Does your buddy need a perch? Driftwood might be the perfect solution.

Aquarium Driftwood

Aquarium driftwood is perhaps the easiest driftwood to find for sale online. Much of this driftwood is artificial, taking away from the beauty and unique qualities of natural driftwood. Driftwood for sale for the specific purposes of using in your aquarium or terrarium may be treated or untreated. Some pieces are guaranteed to sink, allowing proper use in fish tanks.

Searching for the right aquarium driftwood will depend upon your needs. If you don't mind artificial driftwood, you can search online pet stores for a great selection of many different shapes and sizes. If you're looking for a more natural selection of driftwood, but can't get to a river or seashore, you have several options.

It will be helpful to know beforehand if you'll need driftwood that is guaranteed to sink or if you know how to process it for this purpose. If you want driftwood for a reptile aquarium you might shop locally (either at pet stores or the nearest beach) or check online for driftwood for sale.

Woodcarving Projects

A horse head for woodcarving or crafts.
A horse head for woodcarving or crafts.

Driftwood for Woodcarving

Many pieces of driftwood are already shaped into birds, animals and creations that can only be found within the imagination. Driftwood that resembles these items, such as dragons, parrots, alligators, cottages and more make a great base for your woodcarving projects.

Most people who are skilled at woodcarving already have access to great pieces of driftwood near and around their hometowns. People who are serious about their woodcarving creations, however, might locate a great selection of beautiful pieces by shopping online for driftwood. Etsy, eBay and independent driftwood websites can offer many wonderful driftwood pieces that will carry your imagination to new heights.

Tiny Driftwood is Great for Craft Projects

Use small or tiny driftwood pieces as craft embellishments or decorations.
Use small or tiny driftwood pieces as craft embellishments or decorations.

Driftwood Crafts

Handicrafts consist of anything made with the hands. People are extremely creative with their projects and often use driftwood as an embellishment, decoration or base for beautiful crafts. Driftwood can easily be glued, painted or attached to just about any craft project that sparks your fancy. Tiny driftwood pieces are often used for these purposes, but larger pieces, especially those that stand independently, can be used as a base for garden ornaments, wall hangings or wreaths.

Buy Driftwood

If you can't get access to your own driftwood, you have the option to buy driftwood online. When shopping for driftwood for sale, keep in mind your specific purposes for it, the price range you're willing to pay and whether or not you'll need treated driftwood. You can find driftwood online that will be perfect for many of the creative projects you've dreamed up or will make your reptile friends happy and content.

How do you use driftwood? How do you select the best driftwood pieces?

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    • profile image

      donald 5 years ago

      i need driftwood for bonsai trees

      small in a pot

      where do i buy it ?

      when i see three pieces in a photo for $29.95, is that for all the pieces?, or each?