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Embroidered Manual Arts.

Updated on October 19, 2015
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This group of hubs are about art and craft. Also, an easy way to clean and to keep your house smelling good.How to keep flowers fresh.

The Embroidered Mantel Piece.

How To Get Ready For Your Embroidered.

Besides buying the whole package at any craft store. There is a way. You can do it yourself to entertain and pass a good time. If you do not have time to get, the material you need. You can look for a white cotton piece of fabric in your crafty room or crafty box. You will need a piece of paper. Have a friend do the drawing on your piece of fabric, or you can draw it yourself. Then trace the picture on the fabric.

The Materials You Need.

1 A white piece of fabric.

2 A few threads of different colors.

3 A needle with a big whole.

4 A white piece of paper 11 by 5.

5 A black or blue pen.

6 A pair of Scissors.

A Drawing On A Piece Of Paper 11 By 5.

The Next Steps To Continue The Embroidered.

After you have the picture's drawing on the piece of fabric. You have the thread colors ready to use in the picture. You are going to use a needle that it has the whole big enough for the knit thread to go through the whole. Next you will start sewing by hand and covering the picture on the fabric with the thread on the needle. Remember to have the colors correct for each part of the picture. The idea is to make real than you can imagine.

The Perfect Tread For The Embroidered.

A Special Way Of Cutting The Tread.

When you cut the thread. First, you need to remove the two small pieces of paper around the tread. Then. You need to find the start and end of the thread. A good way to find out without creating a mess. You place your fingers in the middle of the tread. Then, you circle your hands with slow motion. Select the piece of thread that moves easily around the circle threads. You need to decide how long your thread is going to be cut from the circle of thread. My suggestion is about a yard because it is easy to manage with your fingers for the sewing time. After you need to separate the threads from the yard cut. You can use as many threads that it can go through the whole of the needle.

A Few Recommendation For Embroidered.

There are a few places to buy everything to embroidered.You can buy the necessary things at Walmart, Joan's Fabrics, Michael's craft's store. The whole set is in the package. If you live an area that there is not enough supply in the package. You can make a list before you go shopping to create your embroidered.

Motivate To Do Manual Arts.

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    • erorantes profile image

      Ana Maria Orantes 2 years ago from Miami Florida

      I am glad you like it mister Frank Atanacio. I had a lot of fun making this hub. I did the same kind of craft since I was a little girl. My favorite was the flower. I was fast too. It is better to do it slow at the beginning. Then, you get fast.

    • Frank Atanacio profile image

      Frank Atanacio 2 years ago from Shelton

      this actually looks like a lot of fun thank you for sharing :)