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Earring Designs by Sig Book 3, by Sigrid Wynne-Evans -- A Beaded Earring Pattern Book Review (Brick-Stitch & Peyote)

Updated on November 2, 2013
Earring Designs by Sig, Book 3, offers 45 designs for all manner of holidays and special events.
Earring Designs by Sig, Book 3, offers 45 designs for all manner of holidays and special events. | Source
5 stars for Earring Designs by Sig, Book 3, by Sigrid Wynne-Evans
Earring Designs by Sig III: Celebrations
Earring Designs by Sig III: Celebrations

The reviewed book, which is an essential part of your holiday beaded earring collection. It includes a wide range of peyote and brick-stitched holiday designs that make excellent gifts or holiday bazaar additions.


If beading isn’t the fastest-growing craft in the world, it’s sure in the ranks of the most popular type of craft. Even in small, out-of-the-way towns, you’re likely to meet new people who share the beading addiction every day. Like many bead enthusiasts, I’m obsessed with seed beads. These little bits of colorful glass are undoubtedly the most versatile type of bead, but also the most work to learn how to use to their full advantage.

Two of the most popular stitches in bead-weaving are brick stitch and peyote stitch. In fact, if you haven’t learned how to do these yet, look at the end of this hub for tutorial videos that demonstrate how to do them. The books by Sigrid Wynne-Evans also include their own tutorials if you’d rather learn from paper.

The Earring Designs by Sig series boasts three high-quality beading books that have easy-to-learn earring patterns. These work up quickly, and are sure to attract attention when you’re done. These are all brick-stitched triangles and diamonds with fringe attached. Sound like it could get boring? Nothing could be further from the truth.

About Earring Designs by Sig Book 3

It’s not a stretch to suggest that the holidays are the busiest time of year for any crafter, whether you’re creating for profit or just to make unique gifts for your family and friends. Everyone expects to receive gifts. Virtually everyone expects that they will have duplicates in the bunch, because everyone shops in the same stores and there’s only so much variety there.

Making the gifts you give to others is really the only way to be certain that no one else gives a duplicate. For this, Earring Designs by Sig, Book 3 has plenty to offer. It’s completely devoted to all major holidays that are generally celebrated in the Western world. There are a total of 45 different earring designs that are entirely unique, with a cover price of only $10.95. The patterns included in the book are as follows:

New Year's Eve: A champagne bottle and pink elephant

Valentine's Day: “Love” motif, a bouquet of flowers, and hearts

St. Patrick's Day: Green Irish beer and a leprechaun

Easter: The crosses on Calvary, dove, hatching chick, lily, duckling, and an Easter bunny

Fourth of July: Eagle with a US flag, the US flag by itself, fireworks, and “USA” pattern

Halloween: Pumpkin, R.I.P. on a headstone, Dracula, bat, witch face, ghost, crescent moon and black cat

Thanksgiving: Autumn leaves and a turkey

Chanukah: Menorah and Star of David

Christmas: Rudolph, wreath, Christmas candle, Christmas tree, Santa, Santa face, Santa profile, chickadee, angel, snowman, candy cane, Santa in chimney, and a sprig of holly

Wedding: Bride, groom

Baby: Baby bottle, and a stork carrying a baby

Earring Designs by Sig, Book 3 critique

All of the patterns are fairly easy to follow, though they are in black and white. Some of the symbols, which are derived from a hand-drawn illustration, can be a little difficult to decipher. Luckily, the pictures are simple enough that it’s pretty easy to figure out which symbol is appropriate in that spot.

If you’re looking for patterns that will be widely popular, and that will go into earrings that might sell well for pin money, then Earring Designs by Sig, Book 3 is well worth the money. For those who sell the earrings, you’ll easily be able to pay for the book with the sale of the first pair. The money saved in creating gifts instead of buying them also makes the economic considerations a no-brainer.

The baby patterns are perhaps one of the nicest additions to this collection. There are tons of different options out there for Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving (though none quite like these), but good small baby shower gifts are hard to come by. Baby-themed earrings are great for a “mommy gift basket,” or to offer the future grandmother or proud future aunt. Especially if you know someone for whom everyone is buying baby supplies, try something that you know will be truly unique. A pair works up in less than an hour.

Many of the designs are shown in color in pictures in the center of the book, but not all. This may be a negative thing for you if you’re a very visual person and want to see what a completed pair of earrings looks like. On the other hand, it allows you to make your color selections without any preconceived notions of what it “should” look like when it’s done. While it’s nice to be certain that the colors go together as they’re supposed to before you put all the work into beading, it offers a little more creative freedom.

The color pictures also give a few ideas for fringe, though this is a great time to use up those smaller beads in your stash of which you only have a small number. Colors are not listed in specific DB (Delica) numbers or anything, but instead are a generic “red,” “green,” and so on. This allows each individual crafter to choose exactly what shade and finish is perfect for their own version of the design.

Overall, the skill level in Earring Designs by Sig, Book 3 is beginner. If you know how to do brick stitch and/or peyote stitch and can create good fringe, then you can make these designs. That said, beaders at any skill level are certain to enjoy the patterns, which are also great uses for small amounts of leftover seed beads. You’ll find all of the information you need in the introduction, including workplace setup and an intro to materials, and even Sigrid Wynne-Evans’ thoughts on the beading business in general. There are also detailed diagrams showing how to do the stitches and fringe, or you can check out the video tutorials at the bottom of this hub.

All of the Earring Designs by Sig books are highly recommended. You’ll find the link to this author’s review of Book 1 below the video tutorials. Book 2 is considered a collector’s item, and tends to be comparatively quite expensive online. Both books 1 and 3 are readily available online for $10.95 or less, depending on whether you want to buy new or used. Book 2 often runs up to about $80, but has extremely popular fantasy designs included in its collection.

When you’re ready to move on to intermediate and advanced brick-stitch earring patterns, consider Barbara Elbe’s Beaded Images books for yet another collection of beautiful and unique patterns for your crafting pleasure.

Already own a beading library? Please comment below and share your favorite beading book, and how it’s been helpful to you or what you like about it. Also, feel free to make suggestions for future hubs, I’m always open to writing by request. Thank you for taking the time to read my hub; I hope it’s been helpful to you.


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