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Easter Activities for Kids

Updated on April 9, 2014

Easter Sunday

Easter is a Christian festival, which is celebrated every year, depending on the first Sunday after the Paschal full moon which varies from year to year. It is celebrated to remember the resurrection of Jesus Christ and its celebration customs are different in different countries. People of all races celebrate Easter but it has been commercialized. It is important that in all this commercialized stuff one shouldn’t forget the history of Easter.

Easter is one of the most famous festivals of the Christian church. According to St. Bede, an English historian Easter owes its beginning to the old Teutonic mythology. The word Easter was derived from Eostre which is an ancient Greek goddess of spring. It was believed that every year, she came back to Earth after a long, cold winter and brought along the light and warmth of spring. Therefore, ancient Greeks held heathen and arranged festivals to welcome Eostre and omen the beginning of spring.

As everyone knows festivals are celebrated to have some fun specially with kids so interesting activities should be arranged with so many creative and different ways to have fun and be happy especially children.

Cute DIY Bunny Easter Frames
Cute DIY Bunny Easter Frames | Source

Cute Photo Frames

This Easter 2014, you can have your children and invite your neighborhood children and have them do fun activities like making creative photo frames. The photo frames do not require any special equipment just paper, glue, glitter, and scissors. Make sure the scissors are blunt edged so that the kids do not accidentally poke themselves and get hurt. You can first make a few template designs for them to follow so that they won't be confused by making frames without instructions for the first time.

Kids love glitter so they might use that shiny, sticky stuff which does not get off easily; be prepared for a huge mess but the mess would be worth the smiles of the children. After the frames are done give your kids a picture that they could put inside it and it can be a childhood memory. While the rest of the children can take their frames home as memories of good times. The frames can be of different types. Use of glitter is necessary. A good thing that you can do is cut out the parts of the frame so that kids won't have to do it and just give them glue so they can put together the frame that you have cut instead of starting from scratch.

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Cute, colored easter egg bonnetColorful, egg nest Easter hatCute DIY Easter Bunny Mask
Cute, colored easter egg bonnet
Cute, colored easter egg bonnet | Source
Colorful, egg nest Easter hat
Colorful, egg nest Easter hat | Source
Cute DIY Easter Bunny Mask
Cute DIY Easter Bunny Mask | Source

Cute Easter Mask and Hat

Masks hide your face, giving you freedom and a new identity that is why they are appealing to everyone and that includes kids. In Halloween the kids dress up as different horror characters so why don't you let your kids do the same on Easter albeit at a lower level; let kids make masks for a fun, cool and cute activity this Easter. Making masks is very simple and easy. All you need are a few stationary equipments and you are all set to sail to the island of mask making.

Cardboard paper, blunt pencils (you do not want to use sharp ones because so many kids playing together might cause some injury), glue as adhesive, scissors for cutting and soft rubber bands. Be very careful when choosing rubber bands because if you use the hard ones then they might tangle the hairs and irritate children which would make them throw away the masks. You can also ask the children to make hats for themselves with the same equipments you used for making masks. They can be bunny shaped and they would be popular considering the occasion.

Cute Easter Basket
Cute Easter Basket | Source

DIY Easter Basket

Easter Baskets

Baskets! The main attraction of Easter is egg baskets. Eggs can be chocolate ones, that is, real or could be plastic. If you give empty decorated plastic toys to children then they would be sorely disappointed so you should fill them up with plastic toys and candies for children to enjoy. Baskets can also be used for scavenger hunts; you can put them at various places in your house or garden and kids can find them with clues. Baskets are a lot of fun and are present in almost every house. You do not need to buy baskets from shops if they are out of your budget, instead make them by yourself. You can even have an activity in which the kids make and decorate the baskets with ribbons and nettings to make the beautiful. You can give the baskets to the makers and decorators as souvenirs to remember the Easter spent at your house by.

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A googly-eyed with smiley eggs can make this Easter even more fun!
A googly-eyed with smiley eggs can make this Easter even more fun!
A googly-eyed with smiley eggs can make this Easter even more fun!

Decorating and Painting Easter Eggs

Painting is always the most favorite art work for kids, they usually enjoy playing with colors and they love to doodle around so how about this Easter gives your children some real fun and excitement to decorate the eggs in their own style. Here are some great ideas for kids to paint their own Easter eggs like get some plastic plan eggs or hard boiled eggs and do sponge painting on them with cool colors or your kids can cut some glossy, colored paper pieces and simply paste them on the eggs. They could cover the eggshell in glue and sprinkle or dip it into glitter.

Your Easter can be your greetings too. All you need is color the eggs and scribble your Easter messages on them and send them one by one to your loved ones and friends. Children can also use non-toxic glow paints to paint their eggs so they could glow at night.

Easter Scavenger Egg Hunt
Easter Scavenger Egg Hunt

Easter Games

Easter games are too many to count. You could play Easter worksheets with kids to help them with learning and playing at the same time. The most popular and most played Easter games is scavenger hunting for chocolate eggs. This is so much fun to play and kids love to play it. You should organize these games every year and invite kids to play from the neighborhood. It is a great game and never gets old. The chocolate eggs or the plastic eggs both are great because both have candies but you should give out candies for no reason at all.


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    • BNadyn profile image

      Bernadyn 3 years ago from Jacksonville, Florida

      Great ideas, I like the suggestion for Easter games - I think I'll try that with my kids and their cousins this year. :)