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Easter Craft Ideas For Kids

Updated on March 8, 2016

Easter Craft Ideas For Kids - Make Some Egg Bunnies


Have Fun With Easter Craft Ideas - The Kids Will Love Them

Easter craft ideas come in all different shapes, sizes, colors and levels of difficulty. You can find very simple, easy crafts for preschoolers and toddlers, you can find craft ideas that are a bit more advanced for young children. Older kids and teen craft ideas should be even more difficult and finally, last but not least, there are Easter craft project ideas for adults.

Easter will be here in a few short months, so start planning your craft projects and begin to gather the supplies you will need to make some beautiful Easter decorations and gifts with your kids. Crafts never go out of's always fun to get involved in crafting projects with your kids, by yourself, or with friends.

I have many old crafts stored away that I treasure, they are usually the ones my children made when they were small. Be sure to make your own treasures with your kids this Easter season.

Handprint Easter Bunny Craft For Toddlers And Preschool Kids


Hand Print Easter Bunny Craft For Kids

I love to make handprint crafts using a child's hand as the template for a picture. It's easy and it's fun. Find the directions you need at Artists Helping Children. To make this bunny you will need: construction paper in white, pink, green, blue and yellow, scissors, glue, crayons or markers, and one cotton ball for the tail.

Pom Pom Chicks


Easter Bunny Paper Plate And Footprint Craft Ideas For Kids


How To Make Pom Pom Chicks

This is a great Easter craft ideas that both kids and adults will enjoy. Just look how cute these little chicks are. You can find the complete directions at Disney.

Here's the craft supplies you will need: 2 pom poms that are the same color but that are different sizes (about 1-1/2 inch wide and 1-inch wide), 2 smaller mini pom poms in black or brown, scissors, some orange felt, a toothpick, craft glue, a small feather, a needle and thread. The 2 reg sized poms should be about

Easter Paper Plate Bunny Made With Your Child's Footprints

This paper plate bunny is a great craft for young kids, and it's made from your child's footprint! You will need: a paper plate, construction paper in at least two different colors, a cotton ball for the bunny nose, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, a marker, glue, and scissors to make this adorable Easter art project. Get directions at

Make A Bunny Frame For Your Child's Picture


How To Make A Bunny Frame

Your child's picture will look great in this easy to make bunny frame. I found the directions at This frame project is a keeper! It's a great idea for every holiday if you change the embellishments with the seasons.

Here's a list of the supplies you will need to make this: a small dollar store frame or you can make one out of cardboard, some craft foam or felt to make ears and teeth, pom poms, glue, scissors, and a picture of your little darling.

This would make a great Easter gift for Grandmom and Grandpop! (As a Grammy, I know I would love to get it!)

Chick And Bunny Treat Holders


How To Make Chick And Bunny Treat Holders For Kids

These Chick & Bunny Treat Holders are easy to make and cute as can be. Kids are going to love making and using them. Find this kids craft idea here. You will need: a white paper cup, some white cardstock, some pink felt or pink cardstock, 2 wiggly eyes, a small pink pom-pom, a medium white pom-pom for the tail, white pipe cleaners, scissors, and glue/glue dots, stapler or tape for the Bunny... and for the Chick you will need: a yellow paper cup, some orange cardstock, some orange pipe cleaners, 2 wiggly eyes, some yellow craft feathers, scissors, and glue/glue dots, stapler or tape.

Adorable Lamb Made With An Egg - A Great Craft Idea For Kids


This Is An Adorable Kid's Craft Idea - A Lamb Made From An Egg

This little Lamb is adorable and all you need to make one is a brown egg, some cotton balls, glue, brown pipe cleaners, paper to make ears and a sharpie pen. Inspiration For Home is where I found this picture and the supply list. It's so simple, I can't believe I didn't think of it! You can also find a Bee egg, a Pig egg, and a Bunny egg. You have to check these craft projects out, your kids will thank you.

Make Your Own Bunny Egg Craft With Your Kids

Here's the Bunny egg that goes along with the Lamb egg above.  Isn't it cute.
Here's the Bunny egg that goes along with the Lamb egg above. Isn't it cute. | Source

Face Cloth Easter Bunny Craft Project


How To Make An Easter Bunny With A Face Cloth

Here is another super easy, super fun, craft idea for kids and for adults too. This would make a great craft for kids around Easter or you can use this as a baby shower favor or as a topper on a baby shower gift. This is so simple, and so adorable. You will need: a face cloth, a rubber band, and that's it. Find directions to make your own Bunny face cloth.

How To Make A Handprint Lamb


Cotton Ball Lamb Craft Idea For Kids - A Handprint Craft

I guess you figured out how much I like handprint and footprint craft ideas for kids. Here's another one that's easy and fun. You only need your child's handprint on a piece of pink construction paper or cardstock, some cotton balls, craft glue, black acrylic paint, a Sharpie marker, 1 wiggly eye, a paintbrush, and a 6" piece of ribbon. I found this great idea at Crafts by Amanda.

Easter Goo Goo Bunny Glasses


How To Make Cute Bunny Glasses For Kids

Here's a craft project your kids are going to enjoy making. These are called Bunny Goo Goo Goggles.

You can choose to use colored cellophane for the eyes, or not. The choice is all yours. Aren't these glasses cute?

You will need: cardstock, a small hole punch big enough to see through, a big hole punch, scissors, glue, pipe cleaners, paint, paint brushes, colored cellophane, the ribbon around the Bunny's ear.

Make A Paper Plate Chick


Easy Kid's Paper Plate Crafts Are Fun

Paper plate craft ideas for kids are just plain fun, and they are easy. Look at this sweet yellow chick with that tuft of feather on her/his head. I can hear the kids giggling with delight when they complete this simple project. You will only need a few supplies to make this and they are: paper plates - 2 yellow and 1 orange. If you can't find them in those colors, paint them with craft paint. You will also need two googly eyes and some yellow craft feathers. Get the instructions from Roots And Wings. You can also find a paper plate Bunny craft on that same page.

Edible Craft Ideas For Kids - The Marshmallow Bunny


Edible Craft Ideas - Easter Marshmallow Bunnies

What can you and your kids make out of a couple marshmallows? You guessed it, edible Bunny Rabbits...and some very cute bunnies if I must say so myself. For each bunny you will need 2 marshmallows, some candy jimmies, a tube of icing gel, and some sprinkles to decorate the face and ears. Easy Peasy! I found this quick and tasty idea at Cute Food For Kids.

Peeps Craft Ideas For Easter


Easter Candy Peeps Craft Ideas

Did you know you could use Peeps candies in craft projects? I had never thought of that before, and now I want to share these good ideas with you. To make this Peeps Rabbit Banner craft you will need: a couple boxes of Peeps Marshmallow Bunnies, a sewing needle, some thread, pastel colored beads, and some wall hooks. You can find complete instructions to this project and some others (all using Peeps of course! ) There's a Peeps Door Hanger, A Peeps Tree and a Peeps Egg Craft. Find them at All Parenting.

Fun Easter Craft Ideas -


Felt Easter Chicks


How To Make Felt Easter Chicks

It's another very easy kids craft idea, Felt Easter Chicks. I found this cute idea on Kidspot and had to share it with you. All you will need to make these are: 1 A4 piece of yellow felt, 1 small piece of white card, 2 googly eyes, 1 orange pipe cleaner, glue, scissors, and a lead pencil.

This craft project has a video and I've posted it below so you can watch and listen to each step involved making this cute Felt Chick.

How To Make Felt Easter Chicks With Your Kids

Easter Bunny Banner Project


Make An Easter Bunny Banner

Like The Cheese is where I found this super cute Easter Bunny Banner. On that site you will not only find the step by step directions to making this banner, you will also find a free Bunny Template to help you create those adorable bunnies.

For this banner you will need: the template, scrapbook paper with different patterns and colors (or you can get multi-colored construction paper and make your own designs on it), mini white pom poms or cotton balls, hot glue and a hot glue gun, (Watch the kids around this crafting tool, the glue gets super hot), bakers twine, tape, and scissors.

Mini Popsicle Stick Chicks - An Easy Kids Craft


Popsicle Stick Chick Craft Instructions

This is a pretty cute and super easy craft for kids to make. All you will need to make 1 Chick is: 5 mini popsicle sticks, some orange paper for the beak and feet, some yellow paper for the wings and head (you can also use craft feathers for the head if you like), a piece of cardboard, googly eyes, scissors, craft glue, and some yellow paint. If you are going to make more than one, and I am sure you are, get extra popsicle sticks.

You can imagine how to make this without even seeing the directions. They are that simple, but they are a fun little project kids are going to enjoy making. If you would like to read about it, you can find them at Crafty Morning.

Paper Easter Egg Flower Basket


How To Make A Paper Easter Basket With A Flower Design

This Easter Basket is down right beautiful. I just love it and I am sure anyone who wakes up to this basket on Easter morning is going to be one happy person. I found it on HGTV and you can find out how to make it there. There is a template for you to print out so you can easily make these flowers, and you will find step by step instructions. The supplies you will need are: the templates which are already patterned so I hope you have a colored printer. If not, print them and copy the pattern onto colored or patterned paper, a small vase or a pot, scissors, a hot glue gun and extra glue sticks, and ribbon.

More Handprint Easter Bunny Crafts


Easter Bunny Handprint Craft For Your Kids

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, I Love Handprint Crafts! These are the kinds of things I have saved forever. I always enjoy seeing them again now that my kids are grown. Look how cute these bunnies are. I know you can't wait to make these sweet Easter decorations with your kids.

To find the tutorial on making this craft just go to Crafty Morning. Michelle has everything plainly written out for you to re-create this bunny with your kids.

The supplies you will need are pretty simple, they are: white washable paint, pink washable paint, a paintbrush, some construction paper, a black sharpie, and your child's hand. The longest part of this project is waiting for the paint to dry.

Yep, it's that cute and that easy!

Homemade Easter Boxes


How To Make An Easter Box

I found these gorgeous Easter Box making instructions and templates at It was the first time I visited the site, but it won't be the last. I really like the look of these little boxes. They make a wonderful Easter card or a place setting at the dinner table. Cynthia has a machine to cut her paper and cardstock but she also gives us a template, so that should help us immensely.

You will need: Cardstock or paper (mixed colors and or patterns), a hole punch, scissors, different color string, a piece of ribbon and any other decorations or embellishments you like would be nice.

Do You Have Any Great Easter Craft Project Ideas Kids Would Love?

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    • HalloweenRecipes profile imageAUTHOR


      16 months ago

      Thank You! I just love craft project ideas for kids and holidays of every kind.

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      16 months ago

      Love this site!!! So many great ideas. The kids loved them!!!!


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