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Easy Baby Booties Knitting Patterns

Updated on September 24, 2014

Quick and Easy Baby Booties Knitting Projects

This page contains a selection of sweet and easy baby booties knitting patterns. Whether you are a beginner knitter or an experienced knitter looking for some quick projects to give as a gift or to sell at a craft fair, you're bound to find something here.

When you knit baby's booties, it is important to check your gauge or tension. This means you knit a test square with the selected needles and yarn then count the number of stitches and rows in a measured area of this test test piece. This is important since everyone tends to knit differently. I tend to knit looser than the average (and have fewer stitches than I'm supposed to in my test piece) so if I just made up the pattern as it says, my item ends up being bigger than it's supposed to. I need to use a slightly smaller needle size to get my gauge right. If your gauge shows that you knit tighter than average (more stitches in the square than specified), then you should try a bigger needle size to get your test swatch to have the correct gauge.

With a scarf, bag, or a toy, it probably won't matter much if the item is bigger or smaller than expected. But with baby booties, you do want to be close to right size.

The sweet little booties in the picture to the above right are like mini fur-trimmed ugg boots. The pattern is available for purchase from craftsuprint.

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High Back Mary Jane BootiesNautical Striped BootiesLittle Boy Blue
High Back Mary Jane Booties
High Back Mary Jane Booties
Nautical Striped Booties
Nautical Striped Booties
Little Boy Blue
Little Boy Blue

Free Baby Booties Knitting Patterns

The free patterns for the babies' booties on the right are available from this knitting pattern website.

Click on the thumbnails to enlarge the pictures then look at the name under the picture of the booties you'd like to see the pattern for (eg "High Back Mary Jane Booties"), and type it in the in the search box on the top right of the website page.

You will need to sign up (free) and give your email address to this site to be able to download their patterns.

Colors for your booties

Many people like to use the traditional pastel colors when knitting baby's clothing - blue for boys and pink for girls, or white, green, mauve, or lemon for either boys or girls. Another pretty pastel option is to use variegated yarn, which is yarn dyed in different colors (see the yarn on the left).

But don't limit yourself just to pastels. Many other colors including bold, bright primary colors are also very effective for baby booties.

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More free baby booties instructions

Easy baby booties

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Easter Chick Slipper Booties

Easy roll top booties to fit preemies and newborn babies

More easy knitted booties

Cute cuffed booties with ribbed toes

Sweet little booties. There are two different sizes available. Simply use different sized knitting needles.

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