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Easy DIY Backdrop

Updated on November 29, 2015

How to make a Backdrop

I run my own bridal business and often need to make use of a backdrop at bridal expos or when we set up photo booths for weddings. I decided to try to DIY this project and I was so thrilled with the result. Hope you enjoy this post on how to make your own backdrop using PVC piping! Super cheap and easy project!

Photo References

You will need:

PVC pipes (25mm)

- 4 x 500mm

- 4 x 1m

- 2 x 1.5m

Joins (to fit 25mm)

- 2 x L shaped

- 4 x T shaped

Fabric (1.5m x 2.5m)

Sourcing the PVC Pipes:

I purchased all the pipes and joins from a local electrical wholesaler. I would suggest searching the local electrical wholesalers in your area and going to them to buy the pipes. They seem to be the cheapest for the PVC pipes. Take a list of the pipes and measurements you need cut and ask them to cut them accordingly. If they won't cut them for you then never fear, you can cut them yourself using a small saw. Just make sure you measure accurately so that you stand doesn't end up lobsided.


Once you have all your poles and joins, cut at the right lengths, then simply erect your backdrop. This is a two man job. When I erected my stand I noticed that it wasn't as sturdy as I would have hoped so I solved this issue by superglueing some of the joins to the poles (this also helps to ensure that you don't lose the joins - GENIUS). If you glue your joins, make sure that the pieces are still easy to transport.

  • I glued the 4 x 500mm pieces to the sides of their T join, turning them into 2 x 1m pieces;
  • I glued the two T shaped pieces to the ends of the 1.5m middle bar
  • I glued the other two L shaped pieces to the ends of the 1.5m top bar.*

Once your stand is erected, then you simply need to throw your fabric over the top of the stand. You can secure your fabric in place by folding over the top and pinning it with safety pins. The fabric can hang on the floor and will cover the PVC pipes.

There you have it, an easy to make Backdrop perfect for Photobooths or Displays.


A Photo Booth isn't complete without props! You can DIY your own props, it super simple!

You will need:

  • A computer and printer with printer paper
  • Colored Cardboard
  • Kebab Sticks
  • Wood Glue or Sticky Tape

1. Firstly start with your friend Google. Google, Photo Booth Prop Templates, there are thousands of free templates available.

2. Print the templates you like on paper (moustaches, lips, hats, beards, bow ties etc) and cut out the shapes.

3. Trace the shapes onto your colored cardboard and cut the shapes out of the card board.

4. Using wood glue or sticky tape, simply attach the cardboard shapes to the kebab sticks.

Makes a Great Guest Book

You can also add a chalk board to the props and let guests write funny sayings or messages. This is also great for a wedding guest book. Guests can write a message to the couple on a chalk board.

If you really want to take your photo booth to the next level, then why not print your photos on site. We recommend printing the photos using a Canon Selphy compact printer or simply making use of an FujiFilm Insta Max Camera. Guests can then print their photos out at the event. These can then be stuck into a guest book or hung on along a piece of string to create a bunting-like banner. (We suggest allowing guests to print two copies, one for the guest book and one for them to take home with them!)


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    • profile image

      Rosey 16 months ago

      How tall is this?

    • brianrock profile image

      Brian Rock 5 years ago from New Jersey

      Nice plans. I've built a similar DIY backdrop system with PVC pipe.

      Although if you want something even simpler to use indoors, I've found some gaffer's tape and a muslin backdrop works great! Just tape it to the wall (assuming you have an available wall).

    • Hippie Housewives profile image

      Stacey 5 years ago from South Africa

      Hi DIYmommy, Thanks so much for your comment! I too look forward to seeing more of your awesome DIY hubs.

    • DIYmommy profile image

      Julie 5 years ago

      Thanks for the great hub! As a DIY'er myself, I appreciated your use of images....the finished product look pretty cool and functional.


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