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Easy Paper Bead Earring

Updated on March 25, 2015

Simple & easy earring making using easily available items. You can make your own earring, based on your dress colors and combinations !!

Things needed are very simple.

1. Any color craft paper

2. Scissors


4. Nail polish - Top coat ( for shining purpose)

5. Any color Sketch/Marker ( To give a combination color)

6. Toothpick

7. Pencil

8. Ruler

9. Readymade Earring hooks

Here , I have made earring of Pink and black combination. Based on your requirement, select any color sheet and sketch.

Take the sheet and draw lines in zig zag pattern.

Cut the sheet using line pattern, thus gives two pieces of paper with narrow at one end and broader at another end, for making pair of earring.

Start introducing another color, by drawing small lines with equal gaps on the corner of the cut piece paper. Draw lines on one side, which is front facing, not necessary to draw on the back side.

Complete drawing the lines for pair of papers.

Start rolling each sheet using Tooth pick, from broader side till narrow end.

Apply glue, wherever necessary and make sure that the rolling is tight.

Now you can see the black color comes here and there, thus gives a different look. After Gluing and rolling it completely , dry it for some time.

Once it is completely dry, apply the nail polish coat on all over the beads, apply it generously to give a glossy look. If you have varnish, you can apply varnish too.

Again, dry it for sometime. Check for the polish coat, if needed one more coat, apply and dry it for sometime.

Once it is completely dry and ready, remove the paper beads from the tooth pick.

Insert the thin metal wire and roll down the edge, to make sure that the bead wont fall down. same way roll down the top of the wire, to use as a hook. Now join the top hook with the already made hook, make sure that it is tight and hangs without any interruption.

Complete it for another bead also.

That's it !!, your easy paper bead earring is ready. Wear it for your matching dress. Thank you !!


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    • ramsblog profile image

      ramsblog 2 years ago

      Sure Jaya :-) thank you. Please do and let me know :-D

    • profile image

      jaya 2 years ago

      i thot of doing this as everybody is wearing this earring.. But no idea how to do this. Thanks for sharing this. will try and let u kno

    • ramsblog profile image

      ramsblog 3 years ago

      Thanks Mam, Thanks Namita :-) Sure pls do try to let me know :-)

    • profile image

      Namita 3 years ago

      Amazing idea..will try it.

    • profile image

      Rajeswari 3 years ago

      Very v.........nice,beautiful thanks