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Easy To Use Microwave Flower Press

Updated on March 14, 2011

Microwave Flower Press Is Fast and Easy To Use

Pressing flowers has been around for a very long time. The craft of drying flowers and pressing them lends to many craft projects and gift ideas.

The beauty of flowers can be enjoyed for many years versus a week or two, and can add natural color and homemade flair to simple picture or card. It can take several weeks for a flower to dry pressed between the pages of a thick book, or wooden press, and sometimes even longer for a dense flower.

Using a microwave with this press make the process fast and easy and turns those weeks into minutes! No more waiting and peeking, and loosing that great idea as you turn your focus on other craft projects.

Microwave Dries and Presses Flowers

This 9x9" flower press dries and presses all types of flowers and leaves in just minutes using the power of your microwave. You simply lay out the flowers as you would want them displayed between two fabric liners, two pads, and two perforated platens, and secure them with heavy-duty clips. The moisture is drawn out, and you are left with perfectly dried and press flowers for your project!

You get fast results, and the color retention is impressive. The cotton liners can be washed repeatedly, and the pads last for hundreds of cycles.  The flower press also comes with an instruction booklet.

Uses For Your Dried Flowers

Once your flowers are dried and pressed, there are countless uses for them:

  • greeting and gift cards
  • scrapbooking
  • bookmarks
  • framed art
  • decoupage
  • candles
  • soaps
  • invitations
  • collage photos
  • decoupage
  • wedding invitations
  • journal covers

The Microwave Flower Press is a wonderful tool for your crafts, or as a thoughtful gift!

Getting your children involved in these dried flower projects is a wonderful way to help them explore and learn about the beautiful world of plants.

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