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Easy Valentine's Day Craft for Kids: Chocolate Kiss Ring

Updated on April 7, 2015

Valentine's Day is right around the corner and crafting ideas are flowing in from all over the place. Chocolate Kiss Rings can be an easy creation to make with leftover pipe cleaners and a bag of kisses. Kids can do this alone or an adult can help out.

This craft is rated for everyone because it does not have any objects that could potential burn, or cause harm to a child. Pipe cleaners do have a wire in them that can potentially poke a child, it might be best to keep an eye on the creative progress as your children complete this easy to make Valentine's Day Ring.

Gathering the Supplies

Below you will find a list of what you will need to craft this project. There are prices placed beside the material to give you an overall idea of the total cost of this project. Please take into consideration that all pricing is done with either the Dollar Tree or Wal-Mart, which we’ve found to be located just about everywhere.

What you will need:

  • A bag of assorted Hershey Chocolate Kisses ($4.00 per bag)

  • Pipe Cleaners ($2.00 Pack of 100)

You can choose to purchase the Valentine’s Day bag of Hershey Chocolate Kisses for pink, silver, and red kisses or you can purchase a bag with all different colors. If you have boys, you might want to consider using blues, greens, and neutral colors too. Red is always a great alternative for both genders. The normal pipe cleaners will work for this project. However, if you want to add more shine to the craft, use the pipe cleaners that shimmer and sparkle.

As a personal reference, chocolate kisses do not stay in my house very long. If you are purchasing both of these items you will be spending roughly $6.00 total on this project. You will more than likely have left over pipe cleaners for a future craft, but the kisses are sure to be gone at the end of this one.

Creating the Valentine's Day Chocolate Kiss Rings

Creating this ring is very fun! Follow these easy steps below to make your very own Valentine's Day Chocolate Kiss Ring!

Here's what you do:

1. Take two pipe cleaners. They can be any color of your choice. Remember this is going to be the band and what is seen most.

2. Lay them flat on the table on top of one another in the shape of an X. Take one pipe cleaner end and cross it over the other stationary pipe cleaner. This should leave the x pattern at the center where the two pipe cleaners meet. Make sure the X shape is reformed with the pattern in the center.

3. Place a Hershey Kiss right in the center of the patterned x. The choice of color is entirely up to the crafter.

4. Pull all 4 strands (2 pipe cleaners in an X) up tightly over the kiss and have them all meet at the tip top of the kiss. Twist the 4 strands around, while making sure the kiss is tightly placed within the "setting."

5. Open up the 4 strands once they have been twisted a few times. Bunch two and two together, then create the circle for the finger to fit inside of.

6. The remaining parts of pipe cleaner that are left over should be twisted around the base of the kiss (where the first twisting to secure the kiss was made).

Place the ring on your finger, take a picture, and show it off! You can mix and match colors for a different look to your rings. You can also add a tag to the ring if you are giving them away as gifts. The tag can be printed out from a printer or written by hand and attached with a piece of string.

Valentine's Day Box (Or Any Occasion)

Creating a Box For the Ring

Because this project is a great one to give away, having something to package them in is ideal. After searching for the perfect container for a chocolate kiss ring, I decided to allow the kids to make their own boxes. This would not only be another craft project for us to dive into but also a way to save money instead of purchasing packs of 6 or more boxes from the dollar store.

The Valentine's Day box is a craft that should be supervised by an adult for most ages. There will be cutting, gluing, and ultimately measuring and drawing straight lines. These boxes can be made for other things as well and can be given as a gift to someone special, a friend, or classmates.

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