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Easy to Make Christmas Gift Tags with Cricut and Stamping

Updated on January 28, 2016

Tag those gifts!!

After you have purchased your Christmas gifts the next step is the wrapping and finally adding a gift tag for the person you are giving it to. The expense of shopping for Christmas has become more and more each year and along with the price of the gift itself you need to count on buying wrapping paper and tags. Now I can't help you with the expense of the wrapping paper, although one year I used brown shipping type paper and decorated it myself with glitter and stickers. But I can help you defray the cost of gift tags, read on....

Homemade Gift Tags!

Make your own gift tags- be in charge of the size, the shape and the color of your custom gift tags. Your Cricut Machine and a few Stamping techniques will help you make them.

Using heavy weight cardstock and the Sweethearts Cricut cartridge, you can cut the shape of your gift tag very quickly and in large quantities. It is easy to make a gift tag to match any of the wrapping papers you have purchased; cardstock comes in so many colors.

Stampin'Up! A Great Choice for Stamping products

For the stamping I would recommend a cardstock with no texture to it as the stamp imprint comes out much better on a flat smooth piece of cardstock.Also choose a white or light colored cardstock for the stamping imprint.

Products from Stampin'Up! have so much quality, the imprint is crisp and clear as you can see on the gift tag with a sentiment included. Check out the website to find a representative near you.

Gift Tags made easy


Cricut Machine Cartridge: Sweethearts

Cricut Machine Pressure: Max

Cricut Machine Speed: Medium

Cricut Machine Blade Depth: #2


Stampin'Up! stamps: Tagtastic and Holiday Happiness

Stampin'Up! marker: Red

Heavy Weight Cardstock

Tip and Tricks for Sponging

Sponging: When you are sponging around the outside edge of a piece, sponge from the imprint out to the edge. That way the sponge mark is darker at the edge of your paper.

Cut a round sponge into 4 wedges; staple a small piece of cardstock to the pointy edge of your sponge to serve as a holder.

Red and Green cardstock
Red and Green cardstock
White untextured cardstock
White untextured cardstock
Green imprint
Green imprint
Sponging around the edges
Sponging around the edges
small ornaments stamped
small ornaments stamped

Step by Step

Cut one <Tag>, pg 79, using the Shadow and base keyboard key. Cut two for each tag of this larger cutout for the tag background. One will be the background for the imprint, the other will be on the back of the tag. Sizes below...

Cut one<Tag>, pg 79, using just the base keyboard key. Cut one for each tag. Use a light colored or white piece of untextured scrapbook cardstock. Sizes below...

Make sure to punch out the small holes cleanly on each cutout.


For the three tags included in the Stampin'Up! Tagtastic collection:

Cut your <Tag> 3" for the "Just for You" imprint. Remember to cut two shadow and one keyboard key.

Cut your <Tag> 2 3/4" for the plain Square imprint.

Cut your <Tag> 2 1/4" for the "A Special Treat" imprint.

Using the Tagtastic collection, stamp each of the three tags on various sizes of white cardstock.

Using the "Holiday Happiness" collection, stamp the small ornaments onto the bottom of the "Just for You" imprint, as if they are hanging off it.


The stamp will dry fast. Hold onto your tag in the center and sponge around the outside edges with a coordinating color.

Adhere the three layers together. I chose to make a third layer to adhere to the back of the gift tag for a cleaner look. You could make another stamp on the back too.



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