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Easy to Make Cricut Card- Happy Fishing

Updated on August 25, 2011

Today is the first day of fishing in my area. As I drove down the road, through a snowstorm, I was thinking about all the fishermen and women who were excited for this day. And yes, there some of them were parked at a popular fishing hole.

In honor of this yearly event, I decided to make a Cricut Card with my Cricut Create, celebrating the time honored tradition that is the first day of fishing.

This really fun card to make was also easy to make. The fishing pole and large fish cutout both have multiple layers which, when put together, create an almost 3D image. And you can have fun creating this card, choosing the colors you want, make the fish sparkly with some of the fancier cardstock choices. Definitely try this one, it'll bring a smile even if the first day of fishing in the spring is a snowy one.

Cricut Cartridges

For this card I used one of my favorite Cricut Cartridges, specially made for use with a Cricut Personal Cutting Machine. The Simply Charmed cartridge is one of my favorites, it features cutouts for special events, holidays, and celebrations, pretty much whatever you wish to commemorate you will find on the Simply Charmed Cricut Cartridge.

Cricut Essentials Tool Kit

One of the handiest items I received with my Cricut Create is the Cricut Essentials Tool Kit and Accessories.  The Poking tool and Spatula have been so handy to have, for small holes needed, to move tiny pieces into place, and to remove cutouts from the Cricut mats.


The best weight of cardstock to use for this project is a heavy weight cardstock. The fishing rod has intricate parts, such as the fishing line.

Pressure: Max

Speed: Medium

Blade: #2

As you cut out the various parts for the fish and fishing pole, small circles will be created here and there, such as the center of the "word" part. Tiny little circles will also be cut, keep those to use as bubbles if you'd like. I thought it added a special touch to the card.

The large fish and the fishing pole were cut using a 3" size.  The cutouts are featured on page 41 of the Simply Charmed booklet.  There is another fish and fishing pole on that page which could be used in place of the one I chose.  I can't state enough how much fun this card was to make.  Give it a try, it's one of the most fun cards I've made.

Choose a nice patterned piece of cardstock.
Choose a nice patterned piece of cardstock.
Before the Shadow piece was cutout, I pre-arranged the pieces.
Before the Shadow piece was cutout, I pre-arranged the pieces.
Step 1 and Step 2
Step 1 and Step 2
Step 3
Step 3
Step 4, Step 5, Step 6
Step 4, Step 5, Step 6
Step 7
Step 7
Step 8
Step 8
Step 9
Step 9
Step 10, Step 11
Step 10, Step 11
Finished Product
Finished Product

Step by Step Cricut Card directions

I cut both cutouts from bottom to top to keep track of my color choices.

  1. Choose a colorful cardstock for the card background. This piece doesn't have to be thicker. Cut the cardstock to a 4 1/4" x 5 1/2" size to cover the card base.
  • Fishing Pole / Big Fish
  1. Cut 1 <Fish1>, Shadow key only. This creates a background piece with fishing pole, line, and the large fish. My color choice: Brown
  2. Cut 1 <Fish1>, Layer 1 key. This creates the fishing line, the fish body (fins will stick out after being layered) and the fish body accent. My color choice: Light Green.
  3. Cut 1 <Fish1>, No extra key needed. My color choice dark green. The fishing pole, hook, and fish face will be cutout.
  4. Cut 1 <Fish1>, Layer 2 key. This creates the fish body with little fins that will stick out with other layers on top. My color choice: Medium Blue
  5. Cut 1 <Fish1>, Layer 3 key. This creates the Fish Face and Reel. My color choice: Light Blue
  6. Cut 1 <Fish1>, Layer 4 key. This creates the Cheeks, Mouth & Circle above fishing lure. My color choice: Pink.
  7. Cut 1 <Fish1>, Word Key, Shift Key. This creates the shadow bottom layer version of "Caught Me". My color choice: Pink
  8. Cut 1 <Fish1>, Word Key, No Shift Key. This creates the intricate top layer of "Caught Me". My color choice: Dark Green.
  9. All the small dots created from the various cutouts can be used as "bubbles" for the large fish.
  10. Cut 2 <Fish1>, Layer 2 key. Size 1 1/2". This creates the Fish Body. My color choice: Pink
  11. Cut 2 <Fish1>, Layer 3 key. Size 1 1/2". This creates the Fish Face. My color choice: Medium Blue.

Optional: I used one of the small circles to put on the Fishing Pole Reel.

Optional: I cut out 4 tiny pink fish, Layer 2 key. Size 1/2".


Cut out Fishing Pole pieces and glue to the card as follows:

Fishing Pole:

  • Shadow "Brown" pole and line.
  • No Other Key "Dark Green"pole and lure.
  • Layer 1 "Light Green" fishing line.
  • Layer 4 "Pink" circle above the lure.

Large Fish:

  • Shadow "Brown" fish background.
  • Layer 1 "Light Green" fish body with fins showing.
  • Layer 2 "Medium Blue" fish body, fins will peek out, then glue small light green fish body accent to the medium blue.
  • No Other Key "Dark Green" fish body. This color will peak through the fish face.
  • Layer 3 "Light Blue" fish face. Make sure to poke the fish mouth and eyes so the dark green will show through.
  • Layer 4 "Pink" cheeks and mouth.

Small Fishes

  • Layer 2 "Pink" fish body.
  • Layer 3 "Medium Blue" fish face.
  • Layer 4 "Pink" cheeks and mouth.

These fish are so small that the eyes and mouth don't cut out well; I drew the round mouth and eyes shading with a scrapbook pen.


  • Word Key "Pink" background
  • Word Key "Dark Green" intricate sentiment

Tiny Fish and Bubbles:

  • All the small circles cutout while creating the bigger pieces I used as bubbles.


I wanted to express a Happy Fishing Sentiment which I did by writing it in around the fishing pole and line.

The Cricut Essentials kit is incredibly handy. The Poking tool and the Spatula have proved invaluable for every product I have created. Also included is cards


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    • MimiKat33 profile image

      MimiKat33 4 years ago from Northeastern NY State, USA

      I do know how to use the Cricut machine very well but I will say that learning how to use a Cricut and create cards is a simple learning process. The secret is a super sticky mat and good sharp blades always.

      Thank you for your kind comment.