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Easy to Make Friendship Card using a Cricut

Updated on July 10, 2012

My Friends Forever card was made using my Cricut Expression personal cutting machine (die-cutting). I just replaced my Cricut Create with the larger machine and I am so happy to have the extra features the Expression has; although my Cricut Create allowed me to create special homemade cards for almost 2 years.

I used a great "lite" Cricut cartridge: Spring Fever Seasonal. On the cartridge are shapes to cutout depicting the cheerful and fun images of spring including butterflies, flowers, doily patterns, and a few sentiments. Being a "lite" cartridge you have only 2 choices for each shape; a background and a top intricate layer.

For an added touch I rounded the corners of the rectangles using a corner punch. These are available in craft stores or from one of the scrapbooking companies who host parties.

I think Friendship is something to celebrate everyday; friends are people to cherish and take care of and the friendship will grow. Sending a Friends Forever homemade card on any random day, for no special reason, will give a friend an extra smile and good feeling. Knowing that you took the time to create a homemade card just for them is a wonderful tribute to your friendship.

Friends Forever Card

Cardstock details

Cardstock comes in stacks usually with a common theme or color pattern in the pack. This cardstock pack has glossy closeup photos of peacocks and feathers along with solid colored sheets of cardstock to compliment the birds.

I like using this stack because each page is made of heavy weight cardstock allowing for intricate shapes, such as the butterfly, to be cut accurately. Also because of the fresh and cheerful colors used; however because of the busy patterns the shapes I cutout for the card have to be equally as bright to standout on the busy background. I think this card is a great example of the use of complimentary cardstock colors and patterns.


Cricut Cartridge: Spring Fever Seasonal

Cricut Machine Pressure: Max

Cricut Machine Blade Depth: #3

Cricut Machine Speed: Medium

Corner Punch

Heavy weight cardstock


Friends Forever Card Photos

Base card and cardstock background
Base card and cardstock background
Friends Forever sentiment layer
Friends Forever sentiment layer
Rectangles with rounded corners
Rectangles with rounded corners
Sentiment adhered to small rectangle layers
Sentiment adhered to small rectangle layers
Sentiment layers adhered to card
Sentiment layers adhered to card
Butterfly layers
Butterfly layers
Butterfly layers adhered at an angle to card
Butterfly layers adhered at an angle to card

Friends Forever Card directions

1. Cut a heavyweight piece of cardstock to measure 8 1/2" x 5 1/2". If the cardstock has a pattern which has a top and bottom, make sure to cutout the cardstock so it will adhere to the card correctly. For instance, you wouldn't want the pattern to look upside down.

2. Fold the cardstock in half; this card uses a side fold. I use a folding tool to insure a crisp fold.

3. Cut out a heavyweight piece of cardstock to measure 5 1/4" x 4" for a background piece. Adhere it to the base card.

4. Cut one <FrndFrvr> measuring 2" using the Shift and base keyboard key. This will cut out the Friends Forever sentiment.

5. Using a ruler/scissors or a crafting paper cutter, cut one rectangle to measure 3 1/3 x just a tad below 2". Snip each corner with a corner punch to be rounded.

6. Cut another rectangle to measure 3 1/2" x 2 1/8" and snip each corner the same.

7. Adhere the two rectangles together, then adhere the Friends Forever sentiment on top.

8. Adhere the finish sentiment layers to the bottom middle of the base card.

9. Cut one <ButrFly1> measuring 2" using the base keyboard key. This will cut out the bottom solid shape of the butterfly.

10. Cut one <BtFly1-s> measuring 2" using the shift and base keyboard key. This will cut out the top intricate shape of the butterfly. I sometimes cut top layers using the FLIP key with the cardstock placed upside down on the sticky mat.

11. Adhere the two butterfly layers together, taking care to slide the thinner areas of each layer together.

12. Adhere the butterfly at an angle to the top middle of the card.

13. I prefer to leave the insides of my cards blank but additional butterflies could be cut and adhered to the inside of the card.



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