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Easy to Make Happy Birthday card with Stamping

Updated on November 3, 2011

Making a card at home is more fun and special than to go to the store and buy a card off the rack. Homemade cards are easy to make using either a Cricut personal cutting machine or, as I did with this card, using good quality stamps from Stampin'Up!. The choices of stamps are endless and span every kind of holiday, theme, special occasion, wildlife, and cute little whimsical creatures, along with sentiments for every occasion.

The stamps come in a rubber or acrylic format and they stamp very clean and crisp outlines. Used together with colorful cardstock, the stamps can help you create a great looking greeting card for someone special.

I chose solid colors on my stamps but you can create an image with multiple colors using
"stampin'write" markers from Stampin'Up!. Place the stamp on the acrylic block then color in the areas on the stamp with different colors. One don't have to go over the stamps because of the fear of the colors drying, simply blow on the stamp to revive the wetness of the colors.


Heavy Weight Cardstock for the base card

Stampin'Up! Collection: Happiest Birthday Wishes

Stampin'Up! Collection: For Everything

Stampin'Up! pens


Natural Color Hemp string

5 1/2 x 4 1/4" card
5 1/2 x 4 1/4" card
Round images stamped
Round images stamped
Happy Birthday stamp and backround cardstock
Happy Birthday stamp and backround cardstock
Cardstock layers
Cardstock layers
It's Your Birthday stamp
It's Your Birthday stamp
Happy Birthday at the top
Happy Birthday at the top
It's Your Birthday
It's Your Birthday
Hemp string
Hemp string

Step by Step

Cut and fold a piece of heavy weight cardstock to be a size 5 1/2" x 4 1/4" card. Use a bone folding tool to create a crisp clean fold.

On either side of the bottom edges; stamp three of the round flower images from the "For Everything" collection.

Stamp on a piece of cardstock the big Happy Birthday image from the "Happiest Birthday Wishes" collection.

Carefully cut around the stamp leaving a small border edge and cut a banner look on one end by cutting a V in the cardstock.

Place the finished cutout on another piece of cardstock and cut around, leaving a small border and repeat the banner look on the one end. This will be the background layer.

Stamp "It's Your Birthday" from the same collection.

Cut around the edges leaving a small border edge.

Place the finished cutout on two other pieces of cardstock, cutting around the edges and leaving small border edges.

Adhere the Happy Birthday and background layer to the top middle of your card.

Adhere the It's Your Birthday layers to the middle of your card.

Adhere two small pieces of hemp string as shown.

The easiest way to do this is to place the adhesive in the design you want on your card then place the hemp in that pattern and hold down until dry.

For added interest, use the small pointed end of your marker and dot tiny dots around the stamped images.


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    • MimiKat33 profile image

      MimiKat33 5 years ago from Northeastern NY State, USA

      Thanks very much; I love making them and will be posting more soon.

    • viveresperando profile image

      viveresperando 5 years ago from A Place Where Nothing Is Real

      I love making greeting cards, loved coming across this. :)

    • Modern Greetings profile image

      Modern Greetings 6 years ago

      An excellent and very well written hub. I myself am terrible at making things from scratch, but even -I- could do something like this. Thanks!

    • Brooke Lorren profile image

      Brooke Lorren 6 years ago from Mesa, Arizona

      Good job explaining how to make this card. :-)