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Easy to Make Happy Birthday to "Moo" using your Cricut machine

Updated on June 4, 2014

Happy Birthday to MOO!

Cardstock- the meat of your card

Using a quality cardstock will make the creation of your greeting card so much easier. The heavyweight solid core cardstock is what you want to have. As you can see in this card, I was able to create my fun shapes with sharp, precise cuts because of the weight of the solid pieces of cardstock that I used.

Happy Birthday

Greeting cards are a dime a dozen at the stores- and very costly. Making a homemade greeting card makes the card special and custom made for that special person. I love creating cards with a specific person in mind; this card was made for my daughter and she loves the colors purple and green. She also loves Cows which made this card so much fun to make as I imagined her smile when she received it. And yes, it was a huge smile!!


This Hub was an experiment in which I used my phone to take the photos. I am not happy with the result, the image quality isn't my normal; however, because the card is already assembled I can't retake them.

Lesson learned:

Use a good quality typical camera for your Hubs

The Specifics

Cricut machine cartridge: Birthday Bash

Cricut machine speed: Medium

Cricut machine pressure: Max

Cricut machine blade depth: 3 (this setting is increased if the cardstock if very thick)

Cardstock: Solid and Patterned colors of your choice


How to

Base Card

My base card measures larger than normal at 7" x 6" because I was hand delivering it and didn't need an envelope.

Cut a piece of cardstock to measure 12" x 7" then fold in half for the final base card.

As usual, I recommend the Cricut Tool Essentials kit which includes the folding tool.

Background cardstock

You can use a thinner piece of patterned cardstock for the background piece.

Cut it to measure 6" x 5 1/2"

Adhere centered to the base card.

Cow's Face and Phrase

Cut (1) <cow-s>, page 70, measuring 4 1/4". Use the Phrase, Shift, and Cow keyboard keys. This will cut out the Happy Birthday to Moo and the cow's face, horns, ears and eyes.

Cow body

Cut (1) <cow>, page 70, measuring 4 1/4". Use the Phrase and Cow keyboard keys. This will cut out the background cow's body.

Cow's 'bangs"

Cut (1) <cow>, page 70, measuring 4 1/4". Use the Layer 2, and Cow keyboard keys. This will cut out the Cow's bangs along with the number 10. I discarded the number shape, just keeping the Cow's bangs.

Cow's ears

Time to adhere

First adhere the Cow's ears in the center of the background ears area.


Next adhere the Cow's horns in place covering the horn area of the Cow's body background.

That face

Next adhere the Cow's face in place. There are small marks on the Cow's background piece to show you where to place the smile/nose piece.

Adhere the eyes in place.

Cow's bangs

Lastly adhere the Cow's bangs in place. Loosely center the bangs to fit where they should go.

The finished piece

Now take the finished Happy Birthday to Moo piece to the base card. I angled mine at the bottom right.


A fantastic cartridge for everything birthday. Features fun, fantasy shapes along with age numbers and phrases to cut out.


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