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Chiropractic Art on Ebay

Updated on March 12, 2013

Chiropractic Paintings, Prints and Other Great Chiropractic Art on Ebay

If you are a Doctor of Chiropractic you may be looking for unique and affordable Chiropractic themed art. Most catalogs and websites feature the same old tired posters, wall charts, and over priced framed pictures.

Ebay is a wonderful place to find truly unique Chiropractic art, spine art, and other works of art that are both beautiful and functional in today's Chiropractic practice. The best part is most of the Chiropractic art on ebay is priced at a very affordable level.

Not a Chiropractor? Perhaps you are a Chiropractic patient or a friend, relative or significant other of a Doctor of Chiropractic. In that case you might be searching for that truly unique Chiropractic gift. It's ebay to the rescue again. Ebay is a fantastic source of affordable and unique Chiropractic art and other Chiropractic related gifts. In this lens I highlight some great hand painted Chiropractic art, framed Chiropractic prints, and much more.

Why Chiropractic Art? - Why I started making Chiropractic art and selling it on ebay.

Check out some of our Chiropractic Art Listed on ebay!
Check out some of our Chiropractic Art Listed on ebay!

When I first graduated from Chiropractic college I wanted to practice close to home. Unfortunately there were no associate positions available to allow me to work in someone else's Chiropractic practice. I either had to relocate and move away from the area I grew up, or start my own Chiropractic practice. Being a single father with a young son I felt my son had been through enough change. I decided I had to open my own Chiropractic practice and do it on a tight budget.

When I went to purchase items such as Chiropractic prints, posters, wall charts, and patient education I was simply floored at how expensive it all was. I decided I had more time than money so I created my own patient education materials and my own Chiropractic art. Soon friends and colleagues were asking to me to create art for their office. I decided I could help fill a niche in my profession and I began offering my Chiropractic art on ebay. A website with a storefront soon followed.

Not only was I able to fill a need with affordable art but I was able to offer Chiropractic themed art. There simply aren't many Chiropractic specific pieces of art out there. As beautiful as the human spine is, it hasn't inspired too many affordable paintings or other pieces of Chiropractic artwork. The beauty of a lot of our Chiropractic art is that it can serve a dual purpose and actually be used as patient education.

I'll be the first to admit there are many other actual artists who are much more talented than I am. However I have a passion for Chiropractic and the art is something I love doing, and I think that comes through in the final product.

Why ebay?

It is a selling platform designed to protect the buyer.

There are many reasons I initially chose ebay to feature some of my Chiropractic art. Another reason was it is an easy way to get my products featured in front of many visitors. Although ebay continues to increase fees for sellers and eat up more and more profit, it does require very little overhead.

The real reason I liked ebay is because it helps protect the buyer and helps reputable sellers build a good reputation fast. Buyers know that the feedback system on ebay and ebay's dispute process will ensure they receive the item they paid for or their money back.

Although ebay continues to be more and more expensive and stressful from a seller's point of view, I continue to feature my Chiropractic art on ebay for the reasons outlined above.

Chiropractic Paintings - Done by hand, by a Chiropractor for Chiropractors

I have a little help, but generally I do all of the Chiropractic paintings by hand for each and every order. I use mostly acrylics and a little oil on canvas. I use high quality canvas that is primed with acid free primer. Each piece is also sprayed with a final coat of sealer to help protect against moisture, dirt, and uv damage.

I paint a variety of pieces, from full 4" tall lateral (side) views of the human spine, to the Chiropractic caduceus shown above. I also have my abstract vision of the lumbar and cevical spine, paintings of the atlas vertebrae, and a variety of silhouette views of the human spine.

We even take custom orders and allow customers to request specific background colors or totally unique creations. I've recreated the logo of Chiropractic practices by hand on canvas and much more. I also occasionally get a Chiropractor who wants me to travel to his practice and paint a large mural on his wall. Generally I lack the time to do so, so I'm usually forced to politely decline.

Chiropractic Art Photo Gallery - Check out some photos of our Chiropractic paintings, prints and other Chiropractic art

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Chiropractic Art on ebay Bestsellers: Chiropractic Paintings - Our Chiropractic Paintings are very popular

Our affordable and high quality Chiropractic paintings are always popular on ebay. This is truly unique Chiropractic art done by a Chiropractor for Chiropractors. Each painting is completed to order by hand and customers can even request a custom background color, different view, and more!

If you are looking for a great piece of Chiropractic art for you practice or to give as a gift, we have the affordable solution you are looking for!

Chiropractic Prints and Pictures - Framed and Unframed Chiropractic Prints on Ebay

Ebay is a great source for affordable Chiropractic Prints and Pictures!
Ebay is a great source for affordable Chiropractic Prints and Pictures!

In addition to our Chiropractic paintings, you can find Chiropractic prints on ebay. We offer both framed and unframed, and sometimes even a choice of matted or unmatted for some Chiropractic prints.

If you are looking for affordable Chiropractic pictures, posters, and prints from us (or other reputable sellers) ebay is a great place to look!

More Chiropractic Art on ebay: Chiropractic Pictures and Prints - Affordable, Framed and Unframed Chiropractic Pictures and Prints

Chiropractic pictures and prints are always popular as well. We currently have many affordable and unique Chiropractic prints available on ebay. From small and economical, to larger high quality professionally matted framed Chiropractic prints . . . you can find it all on ebay.

Check out some of our framed and unframed Chiropractic prints and pictures listed on ebay right now!

Poll: What Do You Think of Chiropractic Art?

What Do You Think of Chiropractic Art?

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Please take a moment to say hi, leave us some praise, hit me with some criticism or anything in between.

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      6 years ago

      Great composition, fantastic write-up!


      Houston chiropractor

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      6 years ago

      Great composition, fantastic write-up!


      Houston chiropractor


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