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Do It Yourself: Arts and Design - Electric Plasma Cutter

Updated on January 10, 2016

Google It and There's Quite a Selection


Sold Locally by a Reputable Dealer

The unit that was recommended by my friend was the Panasonic Plasma Cutter. He said that there is a person outside of Mankato that sells refurbished units for half of the price of new. He kept telling me, "before you buy one - come use mine and see how you like it." Well, that isn't really necessary since my husband thought he'd get a lot of use out of it anyway. Eventually I will try it out, but chances are, we'll have one before that happens.

Art in Metal Form

The plasma cutter is more efficient than a cutting torch and you can cut decorative touches into metal with the swish of the wand. As easy as using a pen on paper, he said.

Well. I don't know if that would be my case, but I love artistic things and this tool seems to be what I would enjoy.

My son has used a plasma cutter to cut flames into metal. My husband cut vent holes for our campfire pit circle and they seem to work well. Plus, they are beautiful when the fire is burning.

The following pictures are of the flames and of the campfire pit ring.

My Son's Flames


Our Campfire Ring


Removal of Old Welds


The Old Way


How About You

Do you have a favorite plasma cutter?

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CNC Plasma Cutting Projects with Jim Colt

Pioneer Power Swap Meet

Today, the three of us went to go walk around the Le Sueur County Pioneer Power Swap Meet and there, with over 2,500 vendors I managed to locate the man that my friend was talking about. I noticed his stand and walked to it and was peering at his plasma cutting machines.

Of course, he asked me if I needed help, and I had just taken his business card and I asked if he was the guy with the shop out by Mount Kato. Yep. This was the right guy. I told him that I was planning on buying a plasma cutter and he asked how thick of material I was planning on cutting with it. I told him that I was told to look for a cutter that would cut at least 1/2 inch metal.

Well. Apparently, the Victor Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 52 is the system that will work for me. If I would have purchased it right there at the swap meet, it would have cost $1000 to walk away with one. Well. I have to wait. The regular price is about $1700. Still, a good price.


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