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Etsy Seller Interview Series- DashofFlair

Updated on June 9, 2015

Check out DashofFlair here:


1. When did you open your shop?

"After much encouragement from my husband, I bit the bullet and opened my Etsy shop in November 2013. At the time I was working full-time as a nurse in an intensive care unit and a full-time graduate school student, so my time spent on the Dash of Flair Boutique shop was limited. In May 2014, our family faced a life-changing situation that required me to become a stay at home wife and step-mom. At this time my focus shifted to creating a successful Etsy shop for my family. This situation created a stronger appreciation for life within our family and a desire to design products that remind you to smile, laugh, and love more."

2. What do you make?

"My aim is to create products that allow you to express yourself and encourage you to smile, laugh, and love. In order to achieve this, I have filled my shop with a variety of products including hand painted wooden signs with motivational quotes, personalized drink ware, and custom vinyl decals."


3. What is your favorite item in your shop?

"My favorite item in my shop is my “He Is Risen” sign. My faith is an important piece of my life and this verse is dear to my heart. I also enjoyed the creative process that developed the shabby chic look of this sign. This sign has been a customer favorite as well."

4. What is your biggest challenge?

"I think my biggest challenge is time management. Given that Dash of Flair Boutique is online, it is difficult to have a sense of time. I ship my items worldwide and my customers can contact me at all times of the day and night. My shop never turns off. The internet never turns off. I am always thinking about more ways to advertise or a new item to create and list. Yes, a benefit of running an Etsy shop is that I can paint a sign in my sweats and no makeup, but my days can be 18 hours long if I do not pace myself. I think it is just a learning process. I need to start setting a schedule for myself and STICKING to it."

5. Where are you from?

"We are from Gunter, Texas. Never heard of it? Neither have the majority of the people who live within 60 miles of us. It is a quaint little town that is approximately 70 miles north of Dallas"

6. Why do you love Etsy?

"I love Etsy for several reasons, the number one reason I love Etsy is because of the Etsian community. The level of love and support for fellow Etsians is off the charts! There is a strong sense of Etsians wanting to empower other Etsians with the ability to run successful shops. Numerous groups are available for Etsy shop owners to reach out to each other for information and support. Running an online business is not easy and there is a learning curve when opening a new shop. On a daily basis, I see the Etsy community working together to help one another to grow the community and I think that is truly special. I received an enormous amount of help when I first started and am thankful that I am now in a position to help others."


7. Tell me about your shop

"Dash of Flair Boutique is a joint effort of a husband and wife team. We jokingly say that I, the wife, am creativity and design, and my husband is manufacturing and engineering. He is also responsible for packaging and takes that job VERY seriously. He inspects every review for a comment about how well the item was packaged and demands a raise with every positive remark. Each item in our shop is handcrafted, hand painted, or hand-picked with love. We set very high quality standards for our products. We believe that handmade and handcrafted should mean high-quality."

What is your favorite item from DashofFlair's shop?

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8. How did you get interested in crafting?

"I have always been a crafty girl. I would rearrange my room on a whim. I would also declare to my parents that the new “in” color for interior design is lavender or marigold so I need to repaint and redecorate my bedroom. I did an entire makeover of my bedroom at the age of 14 completely on my own. God bless my parents. If there was a party that needed planning or decorating, I did it. So, I’m not sure when the exact moment of crafting interest occurred, I think it has always been a part of me."

9. What kind of craft would you like to learn next?

"The skill that I wish I had most in my tool belt is the ability to sew. I can stitch a button on a shirt, but that is about the extent of my sewing repertoire. Learning to sew is on my bucket list and I hope to check that box off soon."

10. What's in store for the future?

"Dash of Flair Boutique is growing! We are currently working on launching a blog so that we may be more interactive with our customers. Although we are online, I want to have the ability to connect with people and involve them in our creative processes. I am currently learning sublimation and will be adding products to the Dash of Flair Boutique shop soon!"


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    • FlourishAnyway profile image

      FlourishAnyway 2 years ago from USA

      It's nice to see the support from the husband for his wife's business. I like the Mr. and Mrs. mugs.