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Etsy Seller Interview Series-KanoelaniArt

Updated on June 9, 2015

Check out KanoelaniArt here:


1. When did you open your shop?

"I just opened on March 4th, 2015"

2. What do you make?

"I make custom paintings, where people can personalize what silhouettes they want against a starry night sky. And they can choose the kind of colors they want, shooting stars, etc. I do silhouettes of children, pets, families, religious temples, pretty much anything anyone could want."


3. What is your favorite item in your shop?

"My favorite items are when customers request silhouettes of loved ones that have passed away. When I do those, type of memorial paintings, I feel like each one is really significant."

4. What is your biggest challenge?

"Shipping my items I think has been a trial because it's so expensive to ship paintings, and it turns buyers off. But it's expensive because they take larger boxes, with more packing material and extra insurance so they aren't damaged in transit. But that's diminutive compared to the grand scale of creating the paintings."

5. Where are you from?

"I grew up in Reno, NV and am now living in Tempe, AZ with my husband while he finishes college."

6. Why do you love Etsy?

"I love etsy because the kind of customers that are drawn to it, are genuine people, who are looking for something handmade and unique, and they understand that something handmade can be special. We aren't a modge podge of giant big time businesses, we are individuals trying to sell what we love to others. At least that's how i feel. Many of us are stay at home moms, or college students, or like me, graduates trying to pay off loans while trying to make a name for myself."


7. Tell me about your shop

"Kanoelani Art, is about creating paintings that are meant to inspire whoever they were made for, for the rest of their lives. These paintings aren't just in your home to look pretty. They're meant to have a significant meaning to it that can uplift you every day."

What is your favorite item from Kanoelaniart?

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8. How did you get interested in crafting?

"I've always been an artist my whole life. I went to college and received a Bachelor in Art, but I was studying portrait painting. So that gave me the skills to paint portraits, but my entire life all I wanted to do was paint the stars. So I just convinced myself to take that jump and start experimenting with it. And it's worked out really well! But I wanted to find a way to paint the stars, with people, because I love both. So my paintings of star-scapes with silhouettes were born! I like to say my job is to make things look pretty. So when I'm not painting I'm busy DIY-ing, refinishing furniture, and doing interior design."

9. What kind of craft would you like to learn next?

"I would love to learn how I can paint right into t-shirts! That is the next project I will start working on."

10. What's in store for the future?

"I hope to be doing lots of exhibitions for my art here in AZ, I do a lot of chalk art festivals, where I paint my star-scapes as street murals with chalk. And I hopefully will make a lot more meaningful paintings for people who need to feel inspired and uplifted."


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    • Kristen Howe profile image

      Kristen Howe 2 years ago from Northeast Ohio

      Nico, this is another great etsy artist interview hub from you. Very useful to know her background. Voted up!