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Etsy Seller Interview Series-Kirameku

Updated on June 30, 2015

Check out Kirameku here:


1. When did you open your shop?

"Kirameku opened up in late 2009, after a friend of mine suggested I take a look if I wanted to open up a shop. I just fell in love with the concept and voila! "

2. What do you make?

"I make funky glass cluster jewelry and original illustrations.

I love anything colourful that sparkles! My goal is to create unique pieces of jewelry that makes you shine and smile! "


3. What is your favorite item in your shop?

"My favorite item in my shop right now is the Lemon Berry Necklace. I love the delicate twirls of bright lemony yellow in the glass teardrops and how this necklace is both feminine and bold at the same time without being overpowering."

4. What is your biggest challenge?

"My biggest challenge at this time is to balance my schedule between creating new items and promoting on social media. I really enjoy sharing about my process and inspirations, especially on my blog and FB page but sometimes it takes me away from my crafting room for too long...! "

5. Where are you from?

"I'm from Montreal, Quebec in Canada!"

6. Why do you love Etsy?

"I love Etsy because of it's amazing pool of talent, creativity and love for handmade! I have met so many amazing fellow Etsians and awesome customers on this platform, I simply can't get enough!"


7. Tell me about your shop

"Kirameku was born out of a need I had. I was never able to find a piece of jewelry that suited my tasted and fitted in my budget. I opened up my Etsy store because I wanted to share my creations with women around the world who are looking for this perfect piece of jewelry just like I was; and create unique pieces that would fit any type of budget so that you can treat yourself without breaking your piggy bank. My goal : create jewelry that makes you happy and sparkle! My main jewelry line is called Berries as those gorgeous cluster remind me of raspberries, blackberries with their soft bubbly shapes! I've always been fascinated by glass, and I love the chic shine that it brings to my creations. Glass will always be in fashion and the colours will never fade away. I wanted beads that would capture the essence of colour and have it as pure as possible.

And finally, what's Kirameku? It’s a Japanese word to describe the shine of the ocean and the diamonds. I thought it fits my shop so perfectly since I go crazy for everything that shines!"

What is your favorite item from Kirameku?

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8. How did you get interested in crafting?

"I've always been attracted to crafting. My early years were filled with drawing and painting and I got into many more craft venues as I grew up and entered school in Fine Arts and later on in Graphic Arts. Turning to handmade is for me a natural instinct as I love to explore new materials, new colors and new mediums."

9. What kind of craft would you like to learn next?

"Well, if it can count as a craft, I would love to master some pastry skills but otherwise, I'm very curious about the silversmith techniques."

10. What's in store for the future?

"I have tons of new projects on the table! I'm very glad to have launched my newsletter this year and have just enabled direct checkout yesterday! smile emoticon For this year, I am working on some new bridal and bridesmaids special collections, giveaways and website! Please don't hesitate to keep in touch on Kirameku's FB page or blog .Thank you so much for reading!"


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