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Etsy Seller Interview Series- PicklesJewelryBox

Updated on June 4, 2015

Check out PicklesJewelryBox here:


1. When did you open your shop?

"I opened my Etsy shop on December 14, 2014."

2. What do you make?

"I make handcrafted jewelry. I have recently narrowed my style to focus on handpainted leather jewelry. I cut different shapes out of leather and paint all kinds of designs, images and shades onto the leather to create a unique style of bold, wearable artwork."


3. What is your favorite item in your shop?

"My favorite item in my shop right now is definitely my Gold Ombre Leather Dangle Earrings. I love the ombre effect and the shades of gold. The long dangle style is one of my favorite styles of earrings right now. I plan on creating more ombre colored earrings as well as pendant necklaces soon too."

4. What is your biggest challenge?

"My biggest challenge is finding the time I need to put into my work and my shop. Running a successful Etsy shop requires a lot of time, work and dedication. And more time. I work a full time job as a server and bartender at a sports bar, and am a mother of two young boys. Those two things alone take so much time and energy. It is a challenge to manage my time wisely and use it to the best of my ability. I sacrifice a lot of sleep to create new pieces of jewelry or update and work on my shop."

5. Where are you from?

"I live in Vandalia, Ohio, a small suburb of Dayton. I have also lived in several states throughout my life. I was born in Virginia and have lived in Maryland, Texas, Ohio and Colorado. I have traveled a lot all over the country and I feel that my many moves and travels have greatly influenced my creativity and style. I have seen many forms and kinds of arts and crafts from all over the country and love to create pieces based off memories of places I have been or things I have seen that inspire me."

6. Why do you love Etsy?

"I love Etsy because it is enabling me to fulfill my lifelong dream of selling my work. I have been an artist my whole life, making jewelry, painting, photographing, drawing and creating all forms of arts and crafts. Etsy also connects me to so many of my favorite kind of people, which are artists. I love talking to fellow artists and seeing the endless variety of amazingly beautiful handcrafted items available on Etsy. I love shopping on Etsy, its shop owners have the best customer service and most wonderful products possible."


7. Tell me about your shop

"My shop began as a collection of mostly beaded jewelry. As I created new styles, it expanded and grew but I knew that I needed to focus on a certain kind of jewelry. I discovered that selling jewelry on Etsy can be tough and it is crucial to stand out in any way possible; to find a niche and to focus on creating the most unique, standout product possible. That is the direction I am currently heading now with my hand painted leather jewelry line. I plan on developing many styles of jewelry using leather and paint, jewelry that no one else makes or can duplicate. I aim to create jewelry that is bright, bold, and vibrant. I still have my original beaded jewelry in my shop as well, most of it is on sale to make way for the new leather line of jewelry. I spend hours on hours every day working on my shop, I am always doing whatever I can to improve it and make it stand out amongst the sea of jewelry that is available on Etsy. My aim is to create jewelry that stands out and catches people’s eyes and draws them into my shop. I am proud of my shop and jewelry so far, and am encouraged by my 28 sales so far, as well as my 11 five star reviews. I plan on continuing my hard work and of reaching every goal I set for my business, both large and small. I hope that my jewelry brings a bit of creativity and color to everyone who wears it. I am always so thrilled anytime someone orders something, and make sure to thank every customer who purchases a piece from my shop with a heartfelt, handwritten note."

What is your favorite item from PicklesJewelryBox

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8. How did you get interested in crafting?

"I started crafting as soon as I was old enough to pick up the supplies. As a small girl I would sew dresses for my dolls and create my own jewelry. I have been a painter my whole life, I have always loved using oils. I love photography as well. Perhaps this is why Etsy is perfect for me, it allows me to use all of my creative skills together to create a great online store for my jewelry, and an outlet and purpose for my creativity! I specifically began creating jewelry as Christmas gifts for family and friends as a teenager and received many compliments on my work which encouraged me to pursue it more. I remember discovering Etsy one day when a friend showed me a beautiful watch bracelet that she had ordered and I never imagined that I would one day have my own shop, let alone be making sales!"

9. What kind of craft would you like to learn next?

"I would love to learn how to work with metals and create unique metal jewelry for my shop someday. I have worked with almost every medium possible minus metals."

10. What's in store for the future?

"I have a long term goal of being able to stay home with my young boys and work from home, running a busy and successful Etsy shop and business. My short term goals are to develop this new leather jewelry line and to reach 100 sales within the next two months. This month of April has really been encouraging, I reached some of my short term goals I had previously set, such as making more than one sale in a day or getting five orders in seven days. Every time I reach another goal it encourages me to make new ones and always strive to improve, learn and grow."


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    • Kristen Howe profile image

      Kristen Howe 

      3 years ago from Northeast Ohio

      Nicole, this was a great etsy seller interview for this hub. I have a couple of Facebook/Twitter friends who use etsy to sell their crafts, too. The jewelry photo is beautiful. Voted up!


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