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Buy European Beads Online for Cheap

Updated on March 19, 2011

European Bracelets

Pandora and Chamilia bracelets are becoming very popular, but not everyone wants to spend $100 at the mall for the bracelet and charms.

You can purchase the same thing online for a much cheaper price. Now, granted, you may find that some beads and snake bracelets are just as expensive as at the store, but you will find that online you will have more options and more odds at finding discount European bracelets and charms.

Ebay is probably my favorite place to shop. I nearly always check for prices before buying something elsewhere on the internet. But, when it comes to buying beads and craft supplies, eBay is probably my favorite store, so to speak.

There are so many sellers offering discount prices on beads and charms, that I tend to rack up on supplies. And, whether you're looking for one or two beads or several beads, you can find them on eBay for cheap.

Because European bracelets are highly sought after and can be expensive, they make great gifts. What's awesome is that you don't have to buy the most expensive beads at the mall, you can buy everything from the charms to the snake bracelet to the beads on eBay. You can put them together when they come in the mail, and package up your gift. You may have only spent $20 on the gift, but it'll look like you spent over $100.

Buy European Beads

There are many different European beads and charms that you can choose from. My favorites are probably the polymer clay and faceted beads, but you can find silver, gold, lampwork glass, and other styles of beads available.

Depending on what you're looking for and how much you want to spend, you can find anything and a little of everything online at

I've featured just a few of the more popular Pandora beads and charms that you can find on eBay. You will just want to remember that eBay has funny rules, so you probably won't find too many auctions titled with 'Pandora' or 'Chamilia,' but that doesn't mean that 'European beads' won't fit your favorite bracelet.

Just make sure that you check the hole size. Most of the auctions will list the size of the bead as well as the size of the hole, so that you can verify that you're getting a bead that will fit your bracelet.

Every time that I search for European charms and beads on eBay, I find that my favorites and the cheapest are typically sold by sellers in Hong Kong. I have not had any trouble yet, but it is a pain having to wait about 20-30 days before I receive my product.

I always try to purchase or bid on the beads well before the time that I need them, but even still, waiting is hard.

You can find sellers in the United States if you narrow down your search using the table on the left of the website, but generally American sellers want more for their beads.

Depending on what you're looking for, just weigh the pros and cons, and be comfortable with your purchase.

You will find prices as high as $12 a bead and all the way as low as $0.99 for 5 beads.

If you are looking for an auction that has more than one of the same bead, consider adding, 'lot' or 'wholesale' to the search.


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