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Best Selling Executive Pens in Amazon

Updated on October 1, 2015

Pens are not mere writing instruments. For many, luxury pens are a symbol of personality and passion. Many tend to look into one’s pen as how they look in the Rolex watch he is wearing; a luxury pen has the same value and the dignity of a quality watch. In this article we compare and contrast the top quality luxury pens and executive pens available. In making these recommendations we used personal experience, customer reviews and Amazon best seller lists with higher number of 5 star ratings. Go through the list, you will find an executive pen that suits with your budget, personality and preference.


Mont Blanc Meisterstuck 149 Fountain Pen : The Best Executive Pen


  • 18k gold plated nib
  • Rhodium plated inlay
  • Gold plated clip and rings

A prestigious pen from a prestigious company. This Mont Blanc 149 fountain pen comes with a 18K gold nib with rhodium plated inlay, cap and barrel made of precious black resin inlaid with Mont Blanc emblem, and a gold plated clip and rings.

The most important thing about Mont Blanc pens is that every pan has a handmade nib, so the most important part of your pen is unique. Every single pen of Mont Blanc is different and every single pen has its own writing style. If you examine the nibs of the Mont Blanc pens closely, you will be surprised how details it is.

The Meisterstuck 149 is expensive, but the brand recognition is guaranteed. Everybody will look at the pen when you take it out of the pocket. This is a great graduation gift for a young.

This is a heavy pen, but not too much. As long as you hold the pen, you will feel the weight and substance of the quality writing instrument. One of the most important aspects of the executive pen is the quality of the handwritings that this pen produces. Many Meisterstuck 149 users are impressed with the quality of their handwriting with this pen. Many claim that there handwriting was improved with the use of this pen. So if you are somebody having problems with your handwriting like myself, this one is for you!

If you have a chance to examine few generations of this executive pen closely, you will notice that that the older ones had a broader nib and it has been reduced over time. The pens of 60s and 70s have much broader nib, so if you are looking after a broader nib, it is advised to go for a used one in a pen reseller site.

The color combination of black & gold and black and platinum is great and it matches with the class it represents.

Another quality of this executive pen is the large ink reserve and the great ink floor. When you fill the pen on Monday , the ink is more than enough for the entire week.

The company undertakes repairs, but you have to give it the time for shipping.

The Mont Blanc 149 is a great writing instrument and a prestigious item to have if you have the budget.

Pilot Vanishing Point Collection Retractable Fountain Pen, another great executive pen


  • Cap less (Vanishing point)
  • 18k Replaceable nib
  • Special gift box

This is the best vanishing point fountain pen built ever! The pen was originally made capless and it comes very handy with people who tend to loose pen caps. With this pen it won’t happen anymore. The pen has a very handy eye catching sophisticated design and it was “the pen” of mod 90s. The current version of vanishing point pen was introduced in 1999 and it is probably the best pen ever by Pilot.

Another remarkable feature of this pen and the most important feature for me is its replaceable nib. Nib is the heart of a pen and it does all what matters. With this feature you can redesign you nib. There are many pen craftsmen over there and they can analyze your writing style and craft the best possible nib for your writing style. They will provide this service for $30-40 and following are some of such web sites.

There is another reputation for this pen as the best pen for the heavy handed people although it suits anybody with any writing style. Several types of nibs are available and for a first time fountain user a pen with a bit broader nib is recommended, whereas a tiny nib can draw an unimaginably ultra specific line. The line dries very quickly too. The pen has not reported any ink leakage whatsoever.

The pen is a top quality gift item too, for anybody for any occasion. The value of this pen as a gift item is doubled with its top class gift box.

All in all this is a best buyer for the price, both as a gift item and for your personal use.


Cross Century II Medalist Fountain Pen, Executive Pen for a Tight Budget


  • Polished chrome and 23 karat gold plated appointments
  • 23 karat gold plated nib
  • Quality gift packaging

The pen occupies our list simply because of its slim nature. The pen is moderately weighted so ideally suited for the people with moderately light hands. But if you need more weight to the pen which is how many fountain pen users love it, you can always post the clip at the far end.

The pen has a very pleasing appeal and it comes with a boutique quality gift packaging. Though the gold plating has a tendency of fading away with the time, it is guaranteed that the chrome plating last very long. Another important feature of all Cross pens is, they come with a lifetime mechanical warranty from the manufacturer.

Although none of the high end pen makes do not recommend low quality bottled ink for fountain pens, this Cross pen works very well with low quality Indian ink like Higgins.


Parker 1M Fountain Pen – An executive pen for college students

This is the cheapest executive pen in our list. But don’t let the low price of this Parker pen fool you. The price may be low and it doesn’t contain 23/24 karat gold plating, but it is still considered a high end fountain pen.

This is a pen you can carry with you everywhere. The possibility of stealing is less. It is cheaper in fountain pen standards, so it is a recommended product for college students who do concern about their hand writing.

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