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Exploring Crochet Dresses from 5 Different Brands

Updated on April 6, 2011
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Missoni crochet dressElla Moss crochet dressKate Bosworth in Topshop crochet dressBCBG crochet dressSoulmates bead crochet dress and jacket
Missoni crochet dress
Missoni crochet dress
Ella Moss crochet dress
Ella Moss crochet dress
Kate Bosworth in Topshop crochet dress
Kate Bosworth in Topshop crochet dress
BCBG crochet dress
BCBG crochet dress
Soulmates bead crochet dress and jacket
Soulmates bead crochet dress and jacket

When you think about crochet dresses what comes to mind? Many people think of a handmade one-of-a-kind item that was crafted for them by their grandmothers. One-of-a-kind crochet dresses are definitely great (whether grandma makes them, you craft them or they come from a vintage clothing store). However crochet doesn’t have to be just a one-of-a-kind rare piece. There are many brands today that are creating crochet dresses for sale in stores. These crochet dresses are fashion-forward and stylish but often have classic silhouettes and traditional details that make the pieces long lasting. That’s great because crochet dresses in the stores can often be a little bit pricey. You have to understand that even though stores sell identical crochet dresses in their lines true crochet does have to handcrafted. In order for the crafters to get a fair wage the crochet dresses need to be priced a bit high. That said, you can support crafters around the world and get great fashionable items by purchasing crochet dresses from reputable brands that have fair practices for their workers.

Not sure where to look when it comes to finding modern crochet dresses? Here are 5 brands that you should bookmark and explore because they all offer great crochet dresses:

1. The Topshop Crochet Dress. UK fashion store Topshop has gained a lot of attention for their great crochet dresses recently because celebrities including Kate Bosworth have been spotted wearing them. Topshop crochet dresses tend to be short knee-length dresses that can be worn alone, with tight or even as a top over jeans. Topshop crochet dresses are usually a solid color, often white although they do have a great red crochet dress on the market that I love. The crochet work on Topshop dresses usually covers the entire dress although a few of their selections are dresses made from other materials that have simple crochet embellishment around the neck or wasitline. In comparison to some of the other brands, the Topshop crochet dress tends to be highly affordable. Learn more about the Topshop crochet dress.

2. The Ella Moss Crochet Dress. Ella Moss is another brand that has been attractive to celebrities. For example, Angelina Jolie has been seen wearing the Hollie Maxi Dress, a crochet dress from the brand. This is an LA company and you definitely get the LA style from their crochet dresses which are hip and fashionable but comfortable enough to wear to the beack if you want to. In fact there is an Ella Moss Crochet Dress that is specifically designed as a swimsuit coverup. The brand has a nice mixture of long and short crochet dresses and also has a nice mixture of dresses that are entirely crochet vs. dresses that simply have crochet embellishments. This brand is very flexible and offers a lot of different options for different styles.Learn more about the Ella Moss crochet dress.

3. The BCBG Crochet Dress. BCBG is another brand that offers a diverse array of different styles when it comes to their crochet dresses. They have traditional woven dresses that look almost knitted, they have short dresses with crochet detailing on the back and they have crochet maxi dresses. The one thing that you need to know about the BCBG crochet dress is that they don’t put out more than a couple of crochet dresses each season so it’s easier to find these dresses used online than to bother trying to find them in the BCBG stores. That’s okay, though, because the secondhand crochet BCBG dress is cheaper anyway!Learn more about the BCBG crochet dress.

4. The Soulmates Crochet Dress. Soulmates is a brand that some people have heard of although a lot of people haven’t. It’s a brand that got a lot of attention for a really specific dress – the Soulmates bead crochet and jacket. As the name suggests this was a dress (and a super elegant one at that) that came with a matching jacket. The brand has a few spinoffs of that same dress and there are other Soulmates crochet dresses available as well. This brand tends to be geared towards a more conservative shopper than some of the other crochet dresses on the list. The crochet dresses by Soulmates are elegant, tend to be in neutral colors and focus on the great detail of the crochet work.Learn more about the Soulmates crochet dress.

5. The Missoni Crochet Dress. If you really want to make a statement with a crochet dress then it is definitely a Missoni crochet dress that you want. This knitwear brand has done a lot of amazing work with crochet in recent years. They combine colors and patterns in their dresses in strikingly unusual ways that you just don’t usually see on crochet dresses. They also play around with many different silhouettes for their crochet dresses from long and flowing hippie-inspired crochet dresses to architectural modern crochet dresses. They have a lot to offer so there’s something for everyone (as long as you aren’t afraid of a little bit of color!) One drawback to the Missoni crochet dress is that it tends to be more expensive than the other brands on this list due to the fact that Missoni is truly a designer brand. That said, they’re clothing is totally worth the cost! Learn more about the Missoni crochet dress.

As you can see there are many different brands that are producing crochet dresses today and each one has its own unique style. Finding the right crochet dress for you will require you to consider what your style is and to find a brand that reflects that style in their creations.


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  • profile image

    yahyah23 5 years ago

    her dresses are warm colors and tosty too... but not like hot hot warm colors ....hahaha :)

  • Paradise7 profile image

    Paradise7 6 years ago from Upstate New York

    One other thing about crochet dresses--they're warm. They look warm, and feel toasty when you have to wear a dress and it's chilly outside.

    I love Ella Moss styles. Even people who don't look like Angelina Jolie can wear them.