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Tips to Expose and Promote Your Artwork Part 1

Updated on August 7, 2011
El Camino Art Gallery
El Camino Art Gallery | Source

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Have you been trying to get your artwork exposed and your name known with no avail? Or do you dream about doing so, but are afraid of not been recognize? If any of this is your case, do not get discourage and most importantly, do not give up. Keep trying to get galleries to recognize your work until they do; but don't stop there. There are other ways to help yourself to get known out there; you just need to work a little more. Prepare a marketing strategy; this is really important, before jumping out there and trying to let yourself know. You want to create a good impression, since of it depends how easy or hard your road to success will be, you already have the talent.  Here are some tips or suggestions to help you get into the right track.


"Old school advertising"

What do I mean by "old school advertising"? I mean you by yourself going and reaching people, spreading the news about your art ,and directly exposing you and your art out there. How?

  1. Organize an exposition at your home or studio. Make sure to give yourself enough time to prepare for a good exposition, as if you were showing your work at an art gallery. Invite friends, co-workers, neighbors, family, and other artists.
  2. Prepare flyers and distribute them around your community, convenience store, gym, doctor office, public bulletin boards and any other places that allow you to do so.Do this to advertise your home or studio exposition.
  3. Invest a bit in news paper ads; a short post with the place, date and hour for the expo as well as what kind of art will be fine. Don't forget to add your contact information.
  4. Display your art at home; try to place it in visible places, so when guest come over there is no chance for them to miss it. By doing this, you'll not just be creating a topic of conversation, you'll be creating a free advertisement for your work.
  5. Make small gifts from your art; this are just nice samples of your work that will act as a business card every time the friends of your friends see it. Remember to nicely let the receiver know that you make it, and if possible sign it. Don't forget, it still art and as so it should be labeled.
  6. Talk about your artwork. When gather with friends, at the doctors office or even at the HOA meetings try to start a conversation related with your area of artistic work. Once started, you just have to casually mention that you are an artist on that area and take it from there and explain your work. You can tell them the story of how you started in your art area, why you like it, etc. Remember, we are humans, and as human beings we are tie by emotions. Letting others feel what you feel for your art is a great way to gain their interest.
  7. Always carry with you some business cards. Be creative with them, don't use the same old boring template that everybody else uses. Depending on your area you can create them so they resemble you and your work while keeping it professional.
  8. Look up for newspapers or magazines that accept submissions, and submit your work.
  9. Sign up for challenges, projects or even volunteer to do some free art for charity or the community.
  10. Don't be afraid to politely jump into someone else conversation, if you accidentally hear that they need the services of someone in your art area. You can always excuse yourself for the intrusion politely and offer your services (here is where the business cards come really handy).
  11. Organize workshops. Teaching others what you know (or at least the basics) is another way to make yourself and your art known. These doesn't have to be long course or classes; just a one day couple of hours meetings, where you show beginners or other artist new techniques. What could be better than showing off your skills and expertise?
  12. Keep on contacting galleries and try to have them have at least one piece of your art exposed. Try galleries outside your town, maybe even out of your state, this will broaden your options and increase your chances.
  13. Be bold. If you really want to be known, don't sit there waiting for the opportunity to come, go an look for it.

These are just a few options that you can start with. In the world that we are living there are countless ways to help yourself get recognize as an artist; and technology is a great ally.

Read the continuation of this article, Expose and Promote your Artwork Part 2: The Artist on the Internet, for more helpful tips on how to promote your work and get known as an artist by the masses.


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