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Famous Paintings of Pino Daeni

Updated on May 5, 2013

Pino Daeni is celebrated as one of the most popular artist in his generation and his talent has had art critics praising him. Reputed as a figurative artist with a modern twist, Pino Art is considered Impressionistic; and yet his paintings show adoration for Romanticism. His contemporary masterpieces have been described as sensual, dramatic, vibrant and bold.

Women and children are a feature throughout his paintings. While women are characteristically depicted as sensual beings and maternal figures, children are angelically painted in a way that honor their innocence, beauty and grace.

Morning Dreams by Pino Daeni
Morning Dreams by Pino Daeni

Pino Art is a snapshot of a moment in time. Pino has an uncanny ability to blend colors seamlessly together and yet expressing the subject as the main focal point of the composition. His immense talent shows underlying skill in capturing movement. The subjects in his work are always captured in a dynamic stance; be it in the midst of moving, or having moved, or intending to take a step. This is Pino’s style; paintings are primed to create an emotional connection between the subject and the viewers.

Classic Pino Art uses loose and expansive brush stokes for the background while facial features are painted with meticulous care – in manner that projects an ethereal quality. His paintings are easily recognizable. The manner by which vibrant colors are used to give the painting a crisp and lively aspect was considered unique compared to the dark somber feel of art at that time.

Pino Daeni’s career spanned five decades, starting as a romance novel illustrator and culminating in fine art. During his time as an illustrator, Pino’s reputation grew in the literary community. His illustrations were highly saught after by top publishing houses in America. He had an exquisite ability to portray romantic and sensual illustrations. Most famously, Pino illustrations have made their way on to the covers of numerous Danielle Steele novels.

Afternoon Stroll by Pino Daeni
Afternoon Stroll by Pino Daeni
Maternal Instinct
Maternal Instinct
Silent Contemplation
Silent Contemplation


Pino originals are collectable works of art. Many of his pieces are classic, iconic paintings such as Afternoon Stroll, Maternal Instincts, Silent Contemplation, Purity, Solace, Fleeting Moments, Remember When, Dancing in Barcelona, Flamenco in Red and much more. These original pieces which are prized by art collectors and admirers alike are also made into limited edition art prints. In certain situations, Pino has been known to paint variations of a particular composition. Taking Maternal Instincts as an example; in the original version, Pino has painted the mother wearing a lavender frock and the daughter in a teal-colored dress. In a Pino variation to the original Maternal Instincts piece, the alternative version carries a more vibrant theme; it accentuates the mother in a deep purple frock and the daughter in a burgundy dress with a much deeper background.

Latter Pino fine art compositions emphasized his acquired taste for Spanish history and culture. Compositions were characteristically painted with Spanish dancers caught in movement, pastoral mother and child scenes and sensual Spanish women – all against dramatic backgrounds. The subject was extremely popular with art enthusiasts and collectors that often paintings were sold before even being completed.


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    • Better Yourself profile imageAUTHOR

      Better Yourself 

      5 years ago from North Carolina

      Thanks ComfortB!

    • ComfortB profile image

      Comfort Babatola 

      5 years ago from Bonaire, GA, USA

      Beautiful. Great work of art from a great artist. Voted up and beautiful.


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