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Fancy Snowflake Ornament Beading Kits

Updated on December 11, 2014
Ornament Beading Kits
Ornament Beading Kits

Required Materials

  • 4.5 inch Snowflake Ornament wire form
  • Size 6 seed beads (60)
  • 8mm round Czech glass fire polish beads (12) color pictured: Ruby AB
  • 6mm round Czech glass fire polish beads (6) color pictured: Crystal Silver Metallic
  • 1 inch glass bugle beads (12)
  • 24 gauge craft wire (approx. 18 inches)
  • Rubber earring backs (5)
  • Super glue
  • Round nose pliers
  • Wire cutters
  • Memory wire cutters

Step 1

Start with a pre-soldered snowflake ornament wire form. Add beads in the following order: two seed beads, 8mm bead, one seed beads.

Step 2

Wrap the end of the craft wire around the snowflake form above the beads.

Step 3

String one bugle bead, one seed bead and a second bugle bead onto the craft wire.

Step 4

Add beads to the second branch of the snowflake form in the following order: two seed beads, 8mm bead, one seed bead. Bend the craft wire at the center seed bead to form a “V” shape and wrap the craft wire around the second branch, above the beads.

Step 5

Repeat Step 4 unti; you have worked your way all the way around the snowflake. Wrap the craft wire around the first branch of the snowflake to complete the loop. Cut off any excess wire.

Step 6

Add beads to the first branch on the following order: two seed beads, 6mm bead, one seed beads, 8mm bead, three seed beads. Secure with a rubber earring back. Make sure to push these beads down tightly, as they help to create the shape of the snowflake. (If you don’t have rubber earring backs, you can form a loop at the end of each branch, as shown in step 8.)

Step 7

Continue around the ornament, adding beads and securing with earring backs.

Step 8

Finish the last branch of the snowflake but do not secure with an earring back. Using your round nose pliers, grip the unsecured end of the last branch of the snowflake. Squeeze very hard and rotate the tool, forming a loop. The snowflake form is very hard, so don’t be surprised if you have to push quite hard to form the loop. This loop is used to attach a ribbon or decorative hook.

Use memory wire cutters (NOT your regular wire cutters) to cut off any extra wire. Add a drop of super glue to each rubber earring back for extra security. Let the glue dry thoroughly before hanging.

Have fun experimenting with different beads and layers of bugles to create different snowflake looks! Your tree will be amazing, filled with handmade beauty! The inspiration for this ornament came from one of the beading kits I ordered online!

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