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Career Tips for Aspiring Fashion Photographers

Updated on April 28, 2015

Your portfolio

If you do not have lots of money to start with, there is the option to set up a website where you can showcase your portfolio and introduce yourself to potential clients. This is the most inexpensive “calling card” you can set up in order to make your name known. Make sure that your website designed and laid out professionally, so that you attract customers that will help put your name on the map. Even established fashion photographers have embraced the advantages of the Internet. Nevertheless, the biggest names in the industry still require that you present the traditional photographer’s “book.” In the meantime, while you are still learning the ropes, present the images that best represent your style and range.

When you prepare a portfolio, whether it is an old-fashioned book or a website, ensure that the theme of the images is related to the specific kind of job that you want to be commissioned. Choose portraits that are memorable, and throw in a few editorial shots that tell a story to the viewer.

Finding an agent

An agent can help you gain access to places and people that could be instrumental in propelling your fashion photography career to new heights. If you are starting out, it is good to work with someone who already has connections within the industry. A good agent is always in contact with publications and clients, and can find new a new project for you as soon as you are done with a photo shoot. Find a seasoned agent who is affiliated with different organizations, publications, and fashion houses. You will benefit from having someone handle certain aspects of your career, so that you can focus on improving your skills. Remember that you do not have to stress out about doing everything by yourself.

Affiliating yourself with an established agency is one way of making your work known to different markets. Find an agent and an agency that is right for you. Determine your personal goals and the direction that you want to take in your profession as a fashion photographer.

 Using shadows
Using shadows

The practical details of fashion photography

The most successful fashion photographers are the ones who dedicate their time and effort to improving their craft. It takes more than creativity and skill to be a Patrick Demarchelier. Aside from knowing about lighting techniques and model direction, you must be prepared to learn every aspect of the photo shoot—whether on location or in the studio. You need to be able to organize and coordinate the styling team, the models, and everyone else involved.

If you are still a beginner, then the first thing you need to work on is honing your skill with the camera. Then, you can move on to learning about fashion photography in-depth. In order to achieve your goals, you must decide to start today, and embark on the most exciting and fulfilling adventure of your life. You will come across people that will be jealous of your work and want to bring you down for the lack of their own true talent, let your work prove them wrong... Rock on!



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