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Father and Son Camouflage Scarf Crochet Pattern

Updated on November 11, 2012

I made these scarves for my nephew-in-law and his two sons for Holiday gifts in 2011. I had been told that he hated scarves and wouldn't wear one. But, lacking funds to purchase gifts, I made everyone a crocheted gift. He loved it and so did both his sons. He said it was the only color scarf he would wear. And, he also requested that I make him a hat using the camo yarn. So, if there are any outdoor types in your family, or friends, group, they may surprise you and love a gift of this camo scarf.

This pattern is great for beginners who have advanced past the single crochet scarves that so many of us start with. The half-double crochet just involved an extra loop to pull your yarn through.

Half-Double Crochet - YO, insert hook into next stitch, pull yarn through. You will now have three loops on your hook (starting loop, loop from YO, and loop pulled through stitch). YO and pull through all three loops. HDC done.


YARN: Red Heart Super Saver Camouflage approx. 20 oz.

HOOK: I/9 - 5.5 mm

ABBREVIATIONS: HDC - Half-double crochet

CH - chain

For adult size, chain 28, for child size, chain 18.

After chain, HDC in third chain from hook. Do not count the chain on the hook. HDC in each chain stitch until end. Turn.

CH 2. Skip first HDC, and then HDC in each stitch, including the ch2, to end. Turn.

Repeat until scarf is desired length. Approx 60 inches for adult and 48 for child.

Fasten off.

If you like, you can add fringe. But, if this scarf is to be used in the woods, by hunters etc, fringe will be impractical. It will get caught on twigs and become frayed. However, if you are using this pattern for normal outside wear, fringe would work nicely.


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  • Myfanwy profile image

    Myfanwy 6 years ago from Tennessee, USA

    Need some of the white and gray camo for snowball fights!

  • Myfanwy profile image

    Myfanwy 6 years ago from Tennessee, USA

    Thanks! I love making gifts for people.

  • kschimmel profile image

    Kimberly Schimmel 6 years ago from North Carolina, USA

    I love the camo yarn, too! I made a hat/scarf/ fingerless mitts set that was popular with my kids--even though it is poor camouflage in a snowball fight.

  • profile image

    PWalker281 6 years ago

    Whoever came up with camo-colored yarn is a genius! I've been crocheting Christmas gifts for the past few years. It saves a lot of money and people really appreciate gifts that you've taken the time to make. Thanks for sharing the pattern. Rated up and useful.