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Finding Free Crochet Patterns - Roses and Rose themed Projects

Updated on October 25, 2015
ORANGE CROCHET FLOWER CLOSEUP by Jprescott  Closeup of an orange crocheted flower with a multi-colored crochet fabric background.
ORANGE CROCHET FLOWER CLOSEUP by Jprescott Closeup of an orange crocheted flower with a multi-colored crochet fabric background. | Source

Crochet Roses and Rose themed Items

England’s national flower is the rose. In the United Kingdom, people compare a beautiful woman to a rose. Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee inspired many growers to grow new rose varieties. Roses are such beautiful flowers, both for their colours and their perfume and, thus, a favourite flower all over the world. Crocheters enjoy crocheting both the flowers and rose themed items. Free crochet rose patterns enable crocheters to crochet stunning items, whether using the rose as a theme, an embellishment, or as flower.

The rose makes a super embellishment for a hat or a plain cardigan. The rose is so versatile. It can be an embellishment, a doily centre, an afghan motif, or a decorative theme in a bathroom, bedroom, family or sitting room.

Crochet Roses at Crochet Pattern Link Directories

Large free crochet-pattern directory sites are very useful to crocheters. By gathering free pattern links together in one place, they save crocheters time. Crochet Pattern Central is a comprehensive easily navigable free pattern link directory, which has some wonderful rose patterns illustrating just how versatile roses are in crochet. The beautiful Deco Rose would make an excellent embellishment for any garment or household item. If you want to create a beautiful look for a bedroom, try the Bed of Roses Filet Throw. Making a fashion statement could not be easier with the Floppy Brimmed Rose Hats. Protecting your dining room table from heat marks is simple with The Pretty Rose Hot pad Set. Readers would love the filet crochet Rosebud Bookmark. Plain jackets, coats, cardigans, sweaters and bags would benefit from the beautiful Rosebuds Brooch. Rose Curtain Ties would make your curtain look super. Summer evenings turning cool will not be any problem to proud owners of a pretty Rose Filet Shawl. The Victoriana Rose Wreath Afghan would grace any Victorian themed room.

Crochet Roses at Crochet Blogs

Crochet designers and other crochet web pages and blogs offer free crochet patterns. The Basic Rose on Planet June could make a charming lasting bouquet for your mother, for Mothering Sunday, birthday, or Christmas, a bridal bouquet, housewarming gift, a get-well gift, or a bouquet to cheer a friend or decorate your home. You will find some spectacular roses at the Dark knit Blog spot. Free Craft Unlimited features an Easy to Crochet Rose. A Pink Rose Bouquet could brighten anyone’s day. A If you would like a pattern and detailed video tutorial for a beautiful Irish Rose, in both right and left-handed versions call at the Crochet Mania Blog. Free Vintage Crochet has six free crochet Rose Afghan patterns.

More Free Crochet Rose Patterns

Yarn Manufacturers’ websites offer free crochet patterns. On Lion Brand’s site look out for the Dublin and Rose of Tralee scarves in sumptuous Irish crochet, the rose necklace, the Felted Rose Handbag, and the gorgeous Rose Square baby Afghan, which would make a perfect welcome gift for a special baby girl. At Red Heart Yarns look for the Felted Rose Pin. The beautiful Rose Parade Wrap would provide an elegant cover up for that special dress. The Rose Garden Tote provides an elegant carrying solution for crochet products or even potatoes. The Anniversary Rose Cake would make a lovely table decoration and be a souvenir of that special day. The Ruffle Rose Pillow would make the oldest sofa feel young and stylish again. There are several more rose themed patterns at Red Heart, which are worth looking at.

Crochet Roses - Crochet Communities

However, Ravelry has the very best selection of rose and rose themed free crochet patterns on the web. There are patterns here that you will find nowhere else. Amongst the Afghans, doilies, garments, flowers, jewelry, rugs and other household items, there are some patterns worth a special mention. The Ribbons and Roses Hat would not disgrace Royal Ascot. The Little Princess Summer Dress with Roses would make that super little girl really feel like a princess. Any woman would appreciate the beautiful Pincushion in Irish Crochet. Any bride would be proud to carry the stunning Bouquet de Mariee. For an elegant window solution, try the Tours Curtain Ties.Erin’s Rose Tape Measure cover is a pretty gift for a needlewoman. Rose Towel Trims make a super project for filet crochet devotees, who could attach them to bought plain towels, making a wonderful and unique wedding or engagement gift.

Crochet Roses- Everyone's Favourite

Many people’s favourite flower is the rose. Crocheting rose and rose themed items, using free patterns, is fun and exciting. However, choosing from among the free crochet patterns available might take many enjoyable hours because there is such choice. Checking out the patterns and choosing which project, or probably projects, you want to crochet will be as pleasurable as actually crocheting the item. You will be unable to resist adding several rose and rose themed crochet projects to an already overflowing project list, take it from one who did just that!


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