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Finding Free Crochet Patterns for Cat Toys, Beds, Sweaters, and other Necessaries

Updated on October 22, 2015
CAT RESTING by Oscarcwilliams  Cat resting in his bed.
CAT RESTING by Oscarcwilliams Cat resting in his bed. | Source

Cat owning crocheters know that their feline friends adore yarn. Some find it impossible to crochet since their cat(s) get into the yarn seeing it as a toy for their exclusive use. The answer to this knotty problem is to crochet toys and other items for your cat. S/he will be so pleased that there is a very good chance they will allow you to crochet in peace. Buying anything for a cat is uninspiring, because the choices are limiting, and ruinously expensive. Your cat does not care about colours, meaning that you can use scrap yarn for cat items. Using free crochet patterns from the internet for your cat item will make the finished article even cheaper.

Cat Toys and Items Crochet Pattern Directory

Crochet pattern directory sites group links to free crochet patterns in one place, saving crocheters valuable time. Crochet Pattern Central is an easily navigable directory site providing many links to patterns for cat toys, beds, rugs, and even cat sweaters for chilly cats. Peanut’s White Mouse might prove an irresistible distraction for your cat. The One-Skein Pet Bed will keep your cat comfortable or make a quick charity project for your local animal charity. Kitty Cozy is a comfortable kitty bed. The Cushy Pet Pad is a beginner’s pattern for a comfortable pad, which might persuade your feline friend to stay off the furniture. There are so many links to cat toy patterns that you are sure to find a toy to suit the most discerning feline.

Blogs for Cat Crochet Patterns

Crochet designers, bloggers’ and other crochet web pages offer both links and free crochet patterns. A Crochet Toy Chest blog offers links to many free cat item patterns. The Curly Cat Toy would fascinate some cats. Muffin’s Cat Ball would delight kit ball players. The simple to crochet Spider cat Toy would provide your feline friend with fun and exercise. Tinker’s Fish Mat could be something to stand your cat’s food and water bowls on or an amusing bed for him or her. The Original Kitty Lay and Play would please those cats, who enjoy textures.

Yarn Websites for Cat Patterns

Yarn Company websites also offer free crochet patterns. Lion Brand Yarns site offer several pet sweaters and jackets, do remember that many crochet patterns intended for small dogs can easily be adapted for feline use, just do not speak the D word in your cat’s hearing. There are many lovely bed and blanket patterns. The Amigurumi Sardines Cat Toy is delightful. The Door hanger Bouncy Cat Toy would be tremendous fun for energetic cats. Red Heart Yarns offer crochet patterns for a cat collar and Christmas stocking, perfect for cats awaiting a festive delivery. The various sweater patterns intended for small dogs could suit a chilly or elderly cat just as well.

Crochet Communities - Good Places for Patterns

Ravelry carry a huge selection of free crochet patterns and their pet pages reveal many lovely patterns for cat items. The Octo-puss Cat Toy is ingenious and imaginative. The Kitty Stuff Basket will give you a place to store your cat’s toys. Ravelry has all types of beds blanket, mat, sweater and toy patterns, more innovative and imaginative patterns than there is space to describe them here, but looking through Ravelry’s helpful thumbnails will help you to find the perfect pattern for that one item, which will please your cat.

Keep Your Cat Happy and Out of Yarn

You can crochet beautiful, amusing, practical and fun items for your cat using the many free crochet patterns on the internet. Crocheting the perfect item for your beloved feline may just keep him out of your yarn, allowing you to crochet other items in peace.


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