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Finding Free Crochet Patterns for Flowers

Updated on June 19, 2013
ORANGE CROCHET FLOWER CLOSEUP by Jprescott  DESCRIPTIONCloseup of an orange crocheted flower with a multi-colored crochet fabric background.
ORANGE CROCHET FLOWER CLOSEUP by Jprescott DESCRIPTIONCloseup of an orange crocheted flower with a multi-colored crochet fabric background. | Source

crochet flowers

Crochet flowers can enhance a plain cardigan or sweater, make a hat special or make a hair ornament. Flowers are not the only embellishment that you can crochet, but they are very useful. Crochet some tiny flowers and attach them to hair clips to make unique ornaments for a little girl’s hair. Make a larger flower and attach them to a large clip or barrette to make an ornament for an adult. Crochet a Hibiscus flower and put it in your hair for an exotic look. Tiny flowers scattered across the yoke of a baby’s dress make it different and special. Flowers and leaves can decorate many items, even plain household items. Stick a flower on a safety pin and you have a brooch to brighten a plain jacket or brighten up your winter coat. A crocheted flower makes a personal statement on a wrapped gift. There are free crochet flower patterns on the internet for all varieties of flowers and leaves. There are even patterns for flower bouquets.

The large crochet pattern directories save crocheters time by grouping links to free crochet patterns in one place. Crochet Pattern Central (CPC) is a comprehensive and easily navigable free pattern directory, which has many links to flower and leaf patterns. Try the Bodacious flowers to ornament a plain cardigan or jacket. Brides can keep a crocheted bouquet as souvenir of their special day. The Colorful Yarn Flowers would cheer up a plain wall. The Daffodil Fridgie would make a super gift for someone longing for spring. Pencil Flowers would keep your office biros and pencils safe from ‘borrowers’ or your daughter’s crayons and pencils easily identifiable at school. The Remembrance Poppy is a lovely way to keep Remembrance Day, or to decorate a memorial afghan, pillow or other item. CPC also has several patterns for different leaves.

Various crochet websites and blogs offer free crochet flower patterns. Skip to my Lou offers crochet patterns with tutorials for ten different flowers. Tipnut offers 25 free crochet flower patterns and instructions. These two websites are excellent for all crocheters, including beginners. The Little Flowers with Leaves on the My Crochet Stuff blog are suitable for many purposes. The cheerful Plumeria Flower, on Planet June, would make a pin, a hair ornament or a beautiful embellishment for any article. Also at Planet June are a beautiful rose pattern and a daffodil pattern both can have stems if you wish to make beautiful bouquets and a festive Poinsettia for your Christmas table setting. Moogly’s Simple Rosettes and leaves are very effective.

Ravelry is a crochet community, which gives access to free patterns. Ravelry has hundreds of free crochet flower links and patterns with thumbnail photographs to make browsing easier and more pleasurable. The joyful Flower Pincushion would make a lovely gift. The Amigurumi Flower Pot is quirky but charming. The Colorado Columbine is delightful. The Crochet bookmark with flower would please any reader. There are several flower hair clips patterns, flower Afghans, fridgies, even flower jewellry and so many different flowers. Ravelry has so many crochet flower patterns that it would be impossible to describe them all here, do go and look, Ravelry’s crochet flower patterns will inspire and delight you and give you some wonderful ideas about how crochet flowers lend themselves to many items.

Flowers are easy and inexpensive to crochet and using free patterns makes them even cheaper. Crochet flowers are so pretty and cheerful. They make the plainest items more decorative, from a hat or cardigan, to a blank wall or a boring toaster cover. Discover free crochet flower patterns on the internet today.


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