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Finding Free Crochet Patterns for Food

Updated on May 30, 2014
WHICH CAME FIRST by Dkapp12  Crocheted chicken cozies sitting on eggs - shallow depth of field
WHICH CAME FIRST by Dkapp12 Crocheted chicken cozies sitting on eggs - shallow depth of field | Source

Crochet Food Patterns

You may want to crochet food as a joke, gift, child’s toy, table decoration, ornament, to use as fridge magnets or simply as appliqués to decorate other items. Crocheting food is fun and its result can be useful, decorative, or inspire conversation. Crochet food is quick and easy to make, is a good way to use yarn oddments and is very attractive. There are many innovative and attractive free food crochet patterns available on the internet.

Large on line crochet pattern directories save crocheters so much searching time by gathering links to free patterns in one place. Crochet Pattern Central (CPC) is an easily navigable and extensive free crochet pattern directory. CPC has links to all kinds of crochet food patterns from the Amigurumi apple to the more exotic sushi. You can crochet Breakfast (egg and bacon and toast), many toppings pizza, sandwiches, or a Mexican dinner. The Birthday, Valentine’s and wedding cakes and the Christmas pudding naturally lend themselves to celebration gifts or ornaments. You could crochet an apple basket Afghan, the many food themed fridge magnets or put articles together such as the apple scrubby, potholder, placemat etc to make an apple themed set. CPC links will set crocheters’ brains racing and their hooks twitching because there are so many interesting ideas.

Large yarn companies offer free crochet patterns from their web sites. Lion Brand yarns offer many free crochet food patterns and ideas. The teacup pincushion, complete with tea bag tag hanging from the cup, would make a thoughtful gift for someone who enjoys sewing. There you will also find various vegetables, ‘ingredients’ for a traditional American thanksgiving dinner and a cornucopia to put them in for a table decoration. Any cat would enjoy the sardine’s cat toy. The charming Two Peas in a Pod would make an unusual wedding cake topper or a gift for a couple. There is also a wedding cake, sweets, lollipops and much more.

Crochet bloggers, designers and other crochet web pages also offer visitors free patterns. Bittersweet Blog lists the interesting toast purse, orange slice potholders, half a dozen eggs, as well as other fruit and vegetables. Afghans ‘n’ More offer links to several patterns including useful gift items such as potholders, fridge magnets, mats, panhandlers, and a doorknob cozy. The free food crochet pattern listing at Crochet Pattern Bonanza helpfully divides crochet food into categories and lists its patterns with thumbnail pictures, helping crocheters find patterns easily. There are some very innovative and imaginative patterns, including some beautiful cakes, hamburger and fries, ice cram cone, candies, cookies, vegetables and fruit. Look out for the fruit and vegetable basket and the charming donut pincushion.

You may want to crochet more exotic food items. You could crochet an oriental dinner and there are several menu possibilities. Dumpling and soy sauce, dim sum, moon cake and rabbit lantern, fortune cookies, pickled ginger, wasabi and rice balls are all available.

You will find a huge selection of crochet food patterns at Ravelry. Ravelry offers everything from a gorgeous fruit set, through fried eggs and cherry pie. The glorious hamburger bag will hold your necessaries. The vegetable basket is very attractive and the “Hunny” pot will remind you of childhood stories. The cup cake purse and acorn project holder are very useful items. The Birthday cake hat can also be a box or centrepiece and it is very simple to adapt any hat pattern into a tea cozy. Crocheters will spend a happy time at Ravelry browsing the many beautiful food patterns.

Crochet food is fun, easy to make, and is a good way to use yarn oddments. It also makes lovely gifts. Crochet food can also be useful items such as fridge magnets, bags, or even a hat. Many crochet foods will also make lovely pincushions and a pincushion, as well as being indispensible for dressmakers and people, who love to sew, makes a useful and attractive accessory for anyone’s dressing table, providing a safe place for pins, safety pins, and even earrings. Crochet food is colourful and fun look through some patterns today they will make you smile.


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