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Finding Free Crochet Patterns for Pet Clothes

Updated on October 22, 2015
CAT AND BALL3 by Kamchatka  Brown Cat playing ball
CAT AND BALL3 by Kamchatka Brown Cat playing ball | Source
YORKSHIRE TERRIER by Irinasafronova Yorkshire Terrier in the jacket and cap
YORKSHIRE TERRIER by Irinasafronova Yorkshire Terrier in the jacket and cap | Source

Crochet Pet Clothes

There may be many reasons why a pet needs clothes. Perhaps your pet is elderly or ill and gets chilly, maybe you want to dress your dog up for a dog show, or perhaps your pet has lost its normal covering for unforeseen reasons. A chilly pet is a miserable pet, but pet clothes are ruinously expensive to buy. However, that is no problem, when you can crochet because you make that necessary sweater or other article. By using a free pattern, you will make your pet clothing even more economically, an important consideration in these difficult times.

Before beginning any crochet project for your beloved pet, you should think about safety and practicality. Choose a durable, machine washable yarn. Do not choose very fluffy yarns these shed fibres, which could block your pet’s airways making breathing difficult. Yarns, which have labels stating that they are unsuitable for babies are also unsuitable for pets. If you decorate your pet’s clothing with small detachable items, s/he could easily bite them off and swallow them or choke. Your pet could catch his claws in very open stitches.

There are some handy internet tutorials for crocheters, who may be new to crocheting pet clothes. Typing “crochet tutorials pet clothes” will yield many results, for example aChihuahuasweater tutorial and a dog sweater tutorial.

For those looking for cat sweaters do remember that many patterns intended for small dogs will fit a cat even if you have to adjust them slightly. However, do hide the pattern name from your feline friend and do not ever let slip that you actually made a canine sweater, or your cat may leave home in disgust.

Crochet Pattern Central (CPC) is an easily navigable free crochet pattern directory, which list links to free patterns all over the internet. Among the links in CPC’s pet section are links to pet sweaters, collars, pet legwarmers, harnesses, leashes, hats scarves, bandanas, and much more. Among the links you will find, the Mock turtleneck sweat for cats, various dog sweaters, including the Easy Yorkie sweater. There is even a hen sweater for hens, which lose their back feathers by being too attractive to roosters. Your horse might appreciate a lace cap. Rosie’s Doggy Vest with bow tie would suit the sartorially elegant dog, and the Santa Costume would help pets join the festive celebrations. There are various dog fancy dress costumes, including a witch costume suitable for Halloween.

More Free Pet Clothes Patterns

Other web sites feature free crochet patterns. Crochet’n’ More has several free dog sweater and bandana patterns. Poochypatterns web site links to patterns for sweaters, outfits, booties and ponchos. Mom’s Love of Crochet has several dog sweater patterns and the Fido Dog Sweater is easily adaptable to larger dogs and the Granny square sweater is in three different sizes and, again, you could easily adapt this pattern to fit most dogs. You will find several imaginative free dog sweater patterns at My Savannah Cottage for the more fashionable pet. If you have a shivering orphaned goat kid, a lovely crochet sweater would make it feel a little warmer.

Yarn companies offer free crochet patterns on their websites. The Hunter Dog Sweater on the Red Heart Yarns web site will fit various sized dogs. Red Heart also has various other dog sweater patterns and a Christmas Collar for a cat. Lion Brand Yarns site has the Flower Garden Dog Sweater and four others as well as a Poncho for a Pooch; all the patterns are skill-rated as “easy”.

Ravelry has almost 100 free pet clothes patterns, including legwarmers for a cat. There are many dog sweaters, hats for cats and dogs, bandanas, dog booties and various collars. Pooky’s Dog Sweater fits larger dogs such as Labradors. The Hot Dog Coat is delightfully amusing.

Pet clothes are ludicrously expensive in shops and stores. Crocheting them yourself is very much cheaper, and using a free pattern from the internet makes them even more economical. There are so many imaginative and innovative free crochet patterns available on the internet that, whether you want to crochet a sweater, for a chilly dog, cat, kid, or featherless hen, a lace cap for your horse, or other essentials for your beloved pet, you are sure to find the perfect pattern.


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