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Finding Free Crochet Patterns for Pillows and Cushions

Updated on October 20, 2015

Free Crochet Patterns Pillows and Cushions

You would be missing a trick if you dismissed pillows and cushions as boring. Pillows and cushions range from the square, triangular, round or heart shaped for the sofa, to charming picture pillows, to imaginatively shaped pillows. There are exciting free crochet patterns for pillows and cushions on the internet. You are sure to find the perfect pattern for a pillow or cushion to match any décor or purpose.

Novice crocheters or crocheters, who have never made a pillow or cushion before might like to watch a video tutorial on how to crochet pillows.

Crochet Pattern Central is the most easily free crochet-pattern link directory on the internet. It has links to all kinds of pillows. The animal pillows pattern provides instructions for a bear, pig, or cat, and would make a lovely addition to a playroom, nursery, or family room, or a gift for a child. The Bee pillow would be lovely for a little girl’s room. The blue butterfly pillow is delightfully feminine. The Big Bow Memory pillow is rather different. The Big Easy Round Pillow is an ideal beginner’s project. The Clock Pillow and Rug pattern is innovative. The Daisy Do pillow is delightful. The sweater style pillows are practical. The Twinkle Twinkle pillows, a moon and a star, are so unusual. The You Spin Me Right Round pillow reminds one of vinyl records. There are neck pillows, two beautiful Irish crochet pillows, Woodland Owl, and the Vortex Afghan and Pillow.

Crochet designers, bloggers and other crochet web pages offer free patterns. Tipnut’s page offers several links and crochet patterns. You can crochet Anneli’s Rag Pillows from recycled rag strips from old sheets or duvet covers. There are some interesting pillow patterns at Mom’s Love of Crochet. The Sheep Pillow is innovative and amusing. The Santa Fe pillow is interesting as are the motif cushions. Granny square cushions are useful.

More Places to find Free Crochet Patterns for Cushions

Yarn company websites offer visitors free patterns. Lion Brand has many pillow patterns, including the delightful lion, lamb and elephant. On the site, there are several heart shaped pillows, as well as more traditional shapes. Your pet would appreciate The Pampered Pooch Crocheted Felted bed, which would suit a dog or cat although you might have to keep the pattern’s name secret from your feline friends.

At Red Heart Yarns, you will find several pillow patterns. The colourful Brilliant Butterfly Pillow would brighten anyone’s life. The Afghan Reincarnation pillows are very decorative and the Alaskan Snow flowers pillow is sweetly pretty.

There is a huge selection of free crochet patterns for pillows at Ravelry. Look out for the Gigantic Crayon Pillow, perfect for a nursery, child’s bedroom, or playroom. The pretty Ruffles pillow would grace any bedroom. The Folk Art Bird Pillow would match any room, even a man’s study. The tooth Fairy pillow is sweet. The Sitting Bag provides fun extra seating for children. The Pillow Corsage is very different. Small fans of a certain BBC children’s television series would enjoy the sheep pillow (PDF). You really should look at Ravelry’s hundreds of wonderful pillow patterns, you will not be disappointed and you will find patterns that you will find nowhere else.

Pillows and cushions present an interesting, exciting challenge to crocheters. There are so many beautiful free pillow and cushion patterns available to match all decors and purposes. Whether you want to crochet a neck pillow for a travelling friend, a beautiful cushion for your living room sofa or bedroom, or an animal pillow for a child, you are sure to find exactly the right pattern to make the perfect pillow or cushion.


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  • Mercia Collins profile image

    Mercia Collins 5 years ago from United Kingdom

    Hello Lisa,

    I am pleased if my Hub has inspired you to pick up your hook again. Thank-you for visiting

  • Lisa May Black profile image

    Lisa May Black 5 years ago from saint albans wv

    I used to crochet a lot but have gotten out of it. Now that I see this , it'll be interesting to see them.