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Finding Free Crochet Patterns for Scarves

Updated on June 19, 2013

Scarf detail by Dutchinny

Crocheted scarf detail © Dutchinny | Stock Free Images & Dreamstime Stock Photos
Crocheted scarf detail © Dutchinny | Stock Free Images & Dreamstime Stock Photos | Source

Free Crochet Scarf Patterns

Everyone needs a scarf for those cold winter days, when the wind blows and snow falls. That is why scarves make such super gifts. Crocheting a scarf as a gift for a relative, friend, or partner is like giving them a warm hug to last all through the winter. When you crochet scarves for a charity, you are letting someone you will never know that someone cares about them. Most scarf patterns are suitable for crocheters of all skill levels, including novice crocheters. There are so many beautiful crochet scarf patterns on the internet, that crocheters will find themselves hard put to choose among them.

Large crochet pattern directory sites help save crocheters time chasing all over the web looking for patterns by grouping free crochet pattern links together on their sites. Crochet Pattern Central (CPC) is a large, comprehensive, easily navigable crochet pattern directory. Its scarves section is huge. It includes links to the A La Mode Boa Scarf, which would make a super gift to the smart girl about town. The Aesthetic Hooded Scarf is a most useful winter garment combining hood and scarf for extra winter warmth. The Aran Sampler Scarf plays with stitch textures. The Beaded Cobweb Lace scarf is very feminine, but CPC has links to masculine scarves too. The Painted Desert Scarf is quick to make and it colour combinations are very interesting. The Piano Key Scarf would make an unusual and appropriate gift for a musician or music lover. The cable scarf patterns give those exploring crochet a chance to experiment with Aran crochet on a relatively small and simple project. Any plain winter coat would become a fashion item when topped by the Pom-posity Scarf. Skiers, cyclists, and others for whom scarves would be dangerous would appreciate one of the many neck warmers.

The large yarn manufacturers offer free patterns on their web sites. Bernat Yarns’ web site has many scarf patterns. The Softee Chunky Men’s Scarf would keep any man warm and comfortable on cold winter days. City girls would prefer the elegant Sheep(ish) Subway Scarf. The Softee Chunk Cowl and Fingerless mittens would prove an excellent Christmas gift. Lion Brand Yarns has an impressive selection of free crochet patterns. There is the cozy Ridges and Ribs Scarf, which you could make for men or women. There are two ruffle scarves for a more feminine look. Lion Brand has scarves, cowls, neck warmers, and other winter neckwear suitable for men, women, and children. Red Heart Yarns also has a large selection of free crochet scarf patterns. A beginning crocheter needs to learn all the basic crochet stitches, and The Learn Your Stitches Scarf would provide an excellent opportunity to do so. Those looking for a gift for a female friend or relative should check out the Honeycomb hat and Scarf set. You could crochet the “Let’s Win scarf in a sports fan’s team colours.

Crochet designers, bloggers and enthusiasts also offer free crochet patterns on their web pages. Crochet Ninja Blog Spot has the remarkable Kitty Hooded Scarf, which would please any cat lover. Moogly Blog has hooded scarves, suitable for adults or children. The T.L.C. Hooded Scarf at Crochet and Crafts lives up to its name. Tame My Mind’s Simple Scarf with Optional Hood would make a suitable beginner’s project. Free Crochet Patterns has links to interesting free crochet scarf patterns by Indie Crochet Designers.

Ravelry is a large crochet and knitting community, allowing members access to free crochet patterns. One only has to give an e-mail address to register at Ravelry and it is well worth doing so as membership not only gives you access to free patterns that are impossible to find elsewhere but also to a vibrant crochet community. Ravelry has hundreds of free crochet scarf patterns. The very unusual and exciting Puppy Dog Scarf would please any dog-loving child. Hunter’s Warm and Comfy Scarf will keep men or women cozy. Any plain winter coat would benefit from adding the striking Zig Zag Scarf, which could also be an excellent scrap project. Women who like something unique would enjoy the Poinsettia Scarf. Men would love the Something Dignified Scarf. The Crinkle Cut Scarf is truly special. The Morning Dew Scarf is as delicate and feminine as any woman could wish. Those looking for an extra-ordinarily creative way to use yarn scraps should look at Circle Scarflette. There are scarves suitable for men, women and children at Ravelry, and even a scarf for the cat. Ravelry has scarves, hooded scarves, scarfettes, neck warmers and scarf and hat sets aplenty. The patterns feature every stitch and every type of crochet and there is something for everyone there. There is so much choice that it would take crocheters hours to look through the scarves, if it were not for Ravelry’s helpful thumbnail photographs, which make choosing a little easier. Head on over to Ravelry and feast your eyes.

Scarves are easy, quick, and cheap to crochet. Crocheting a scarf for anyone shows that you care that he or she is warm. Warm, colourful, beautiful scarves brighten the bleakest winter day and they make wonderful gifts. Why not crochet some today.


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