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Finding Free Crochet Patterns for Slippers and Slipper Socks

Updated on October 25, 2015


Baby bootees standing opposite male shoes, isolate
Baby bootees standing opposite male shoes, isolate | Source

Crochet Slippers and Slipper Socks

Slipper socks and slippers are popular projects for crocheters. They are relatively easy and cheap to make and you can make them in the fibre mix and colours that you prefer.

Choose yarns carefully. Cheap acrylic yarns are very uncomfortable, when worn on the feet. Choose a soft yarn, preferably one that contains some natural fibre. You may wish to crochet thin elastic into the top of slippers or slipper socks to prevent them slipping off the foot in wear.

Making Crochet Slippers And Slipper Socks Non-slip

You should cover the soles of slippers or slipper socks with a safety coating to prevent slipping accidents. Latex and silicone paint-on products are available to do this, usually the same ones that one paints onto the backs of floor mats or rugs to prevent slippage. Your local yarn or hobby shop should be able to advise you on this point. Other ideas and tutorials on how to make soles non-slip are available on the Internet.

Crochet Slippers And Slipper Socks Crochet Pattern Directory

There are many free crochet patterns for slippers and slipper socks on the Internet. Crochet Pattern Central is a comprehensive, easily navigable crochet-pattern directory site, which groups links to free crochet patterns together. Its footwear section has sub-sections for slippers and socks. Slipper socks are in the sock section, where, in among all the socks, you will find little gems, such as the Alpaca Slipper Socks, and Diamond slipper socks. In the slipper sub-section, there are patterns for men, women and children’s slippers. The crocheted Oxford Slippers would suit both men and women. The Plush in a Rush Slippers are warm as well as being quick and easy to make. The Silly Puppy Dog Slippers are charming and the Slipper Boots have several sizes ranging from a small child’s size to a large man’s size. CPC has so many links that it is impossible to list them all here, by visiting the Crochet Pattern Central page crocheters can spend a happy time browsing all the links for themselves.

Crochet Blogs For Sock And Slipper Patterns

Many crochet blogs offer free crochet patterns. Free Crochet has several slipper patterns, including the attractive Grand Prix slippers in small, medium, and large to fit boy or adult racing enthusiasts and the delightful Anemone slippers. Crochet.about has Keep It Simple slippers and Sweet Potato Baby slippers.

Crochet Slippers And Socks Patterns Yarn Company Sites

Yarn companies’ web sites also offer free crochet patterns. At Red Heart Yarns web site, you will find Pig and Mouse, Bear and Chick, Bunny, and Double Soled slippers. Bernat Yarns have the Super Value Family slippers and the Softee Chunky Slipper Boots. At the Patons Yarns site, are the Melody Legwarmer and slippers set and the Melody striped slippers.

Crochet Patterns For Slippers And Socks- Pattern Directories

Large on-line crochet communities make free patterns available to their members. Ravelry is a large, vibrant, crochet community with a huge free crochet pattern database. You only need an e mail address to join Ravelry, providing you with a passport to free crochet patterns that you will find nowhere else. There are over 400 free crochet slipper patterns at Ravelry including the elegant Sweet Slippers, the unusual Unshaven in Winter Slipper Socks, and the delightful Ugg Booties. It is impossible to list all the slipper and slipper sock patterns at Ravelry, luckily thumbnail photographs make searching through the large selection quick and fun, visit the site and pass a happy hour or two.

Why Crochet Slippers And Socks

When you crochet slippers and Slipper socks, you can choose natural fibre yarns, much healthier for footwear. Slippers and slipper socks are cheap to crochet and can make good scrap yarn projects. Crocheted slippers are warm and do not harm floors or carpets. There are so many interesting free crochet patterns for socks and slippers that your only difficulty could be in choosing which to crochet.


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  • Mercia Collins profile image

    Mercia Collins 5 years ago from United Kingdom

    Thank-you Pool of thoughts, Crochet has been a relaxing hobby for me for more than 40 years, and I am still learning about crochet. Your wife has so much to discover about her new pastime.

  • Pool Of Thoughts profile image

    David Steffy 5 years ago from Southern Ohio

    I'm trying to talk my wife into doing this. She just started crocheting and she is awesome at it! Voted up and useful!