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Finding Free Crochet Patterns for Special Children's Hats

Updated on November 29, 2012
Baby Cookie by Beatricekillam Image of baby eating a cookie © Beatricekillam | Stock Free Images & Dreamstime Stock Photos
Baby Cookie by Beatricekillam Image of baby eating a cookie © Beatricekillam | Stock Free Images & Dreamstime Stock Photos | Source

Special Children's Hats

Parents want children to wear hats in cold weather. Children take them off, hide them, lose them, or use them for any purpose, other than keeping them on their heads. Children’s hats are expensive in the shops, especially if you want something a little different that might actually persuade a child to wear the hat. Fortunately, crocheters can crochet a child’s hats quickly, cheaply and easily. This is particularly important when crocheting children’s hats for any of the many charitable appeals for these items. A child’s hat can be a good way to use those yarn oddments accumulating in your stash and, by using a free crochet pattern, your hat need only cost your time. There are many super free crochet patterns on the Internet.

The large crochet-pattern link directory, Crochet Pattern Central (CPC) has a section devoted entirely to children’s hats. Space forbids listing all the wonderful links at CPC, doing so would deprive crocheters of the joy of looking through the sheer variety, and so here are a few highlights among the many links. Many children love the Angry Birds computer game and CPC links to several Angry Birds hat patterns. The Batman Hat might persuade little boy’s that a hat is a cool thing to wear; alternatively, it could be part of a play or fancy dress outfit. Any active boy would be proud to wear the Boy’s Floppy Brimmed Army hat out to play. Little girls might like the Crochet Bunny Hat and any little princess would adore the Princess Sarina Tiara Beanie. The first Sock Monkey Hat link leads you to a lovely pattern and a tutorial. Crocheters, who have not made hats before will find the tutorial very useful. You can also add ear flaps to the hat, for which there is also a tutorial. You would not find anything like the strikingly unusual Zebra Ear flap hat in shops and stores.

Crochet designers, bloggers, and other crochet web sites offer free crochet patterns and links to patterns. Tipnut’s page offers 25 babies and children’s hats among which are some unusual hats. Any aspiring gnome would adore the toddler size Gnome Hat. Finding a hat for girls, who wear long hair in a ponytail, can be difficult, but the charming Pony Tail Hat elegantly solves the problem.

Yarn manufacturers offer some wonderful free crochet patterns on their web sites. You can find the delightfully bright Lady Bug Hat and the imaginative Dragon Hat at Red Heart Yarns. The Little Devil Hat and Cape would prove a Halloween sensation. The Mad Willy Hat is a crazy tribute to Willy Wonka. Lion Brand Yarns offers some unusual and exciting hats including the Starfire Hat, a super addition to a girl’s wardrobe. The Baby Lion Mane Hat is great fun. Lion Brand’s Girl’s Hat and Boa would make any little girl feel very glamorous and the Primary Stripes Hat and Scarf is bright and cheerful.

Ravelry hosts the best selection of child hat patterns on the internet. Ravelry is a large knitting and crochet internet community, allowing members access to the community and free patterns. You only have to give an e-mail address to register with Ravelry. The site’s thumbnail photographs make browsing faster, easier, and more fun. Among the many super crochet children’s hat patterns, there is the gorgeous Child’s Frog Hat, Snoopy Hat and even a crochet Cowboy Hat. The Floppy Brim Child’s Hat would make any little girl feel like a duchess at the Queen’s garden party. Christine Doyle’s Sock Monkey Hat is amazing. A Very Piratey Hat Would suit a swashbuckling child. The Berry Baby Hat with its matching booties is just so beautiful. All Ages Pixie Hood would make little girls feel so special and Girl’s Granny Hat with brim and Flower is just so pretty. There are 800+ free crochet children’s hat patterns at Ravelry, including character, shaped and very special children’s hats go and spend happy hours searching for that special one.

When you crochet, you can find hats that children want to wear without breaking the bank. You do not have to settle for what the shops please to stock, at exorbitant prices. Using free Internet crochet patterns makes your child’s hat even more inexpensive. Every child can have a hat that matches his, or her, individual personality. Whether you want a character hat, something a bit special, or a hat to match a fancy dress or play outfit, you can find that one hat pattern that is right for each child. Why settle for an ordinary child’s hat, when you can crochet one that children want to wear.


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