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Finding Free Crochet Socks Patterns

Updated on October 25, 2015
SOCKS by Zzzdim  Socks many color isolated on white background
SOCKS by Zzzdim Socks many color isolated on white background | Source

crocheting socks

Going to shops and stores to buy socks can be a disappointing process. You cannot buy socks in the length, style, or fabric that you prefer. You may prefer socks made from natural fabrics but, unless you pay exorbitant sums, it is impossible to buy socks made from completely natural fibres.

Choices For Crochet Socks

Crochet socks are easy to make and you can choose wool, or the new natural cotton yarns. Do not be tempted to use cheap acrylic yarn to make your crochet socks, as they will be terribly uncomfortable. You need a soft yarn for socks. You may be able to buy special sock yarn or a baby yarn might suffice. Choose a thinner rather than a thicker yarn. Some patterns advocate large or bulky stitches and thick yarns, these are older patterns and socks made from bulky yarns and stitches will not be comfortable. It is better to use many of the newer, free patterns on the internet. Use your common sense and look at the pattern before beginning, if it looks very bulky, choose another pattern. You may want to crochet thin elastic with your yarn into the leg part of your socks so that they will stay where you put them.

Safety Coating For Crochet Slipper Socks

If you decide to crochet slipper socks, you will need to add a safety coating or sole to your slipper socks to prevent accidents. There are products available for this purpose, in the USA try “Safety Back”, in Australia, a silicone product that you paint on and in the UK, the rubber product that one uses to paint on the back of carpet. There are also other ways to prevent your slipper socks causing slips and falls, tutorials exist showing how you can make your slipper socks non-slip and more suggestions for methods to prevent slipping soles.

Tutorials For Crochet Socks

There are various tutorials around the internet to show crocheters how to make socks. There are even tutorials for left-handed crocheters and baby socks. A simple internet search using the words “crochet socks tutorials” will yield many results.

Find Crochet Sock Patterns On Directory Sites

Crochet Pattern Central (CPC) is a large, easily navigable, free crochet pattern directory, which saves crocheters time by gathering links to free patterns in one place. CPC has many crochet sock pattern links. The Cape Breton Cable socks are stylish. The Fan Pattern socks have a plain foot part and a pretty shell topping. The footloose fancy tube socks look amazing but are simple to make. The knee-high boot socks would be a useful winter item. The Moss stitch Hiking socks are brilliant for ramblers. There are many other exciting pattern links at CPC to socks for adults and children, including some slipper socks.

Find Crochet Sock Patterns On Blogs

Crochet bloggers, designers and crochet lovers offer free crochet patterns and links on their web sites. Crochet About offer links to many crochet sock patterns. At Sue’s Crochet and Knitting, you will find an easy to follow pattern and methods to adjust it for different sizes. Follow the link on the left hand side to access separate free patterns for men and babies’ socks.

Crochet Sock Patterns And Crochet Communities

You will find plenty of free crochet sock patterns at Ravelry. Socks for My Husband are a useful ribbed man’s sock, which would make an excellent gift for chilly Dads, boyfriends, brothers, uncles, sons and cousins as well as husbands. Another useful man’s pattern is the “Father’s Day Crochet socks”. Crocheters making socks for the first time will like The Intuitive Shell socks pattern. Slipper Sox with diamond pattern would keep your feet warm. The little Christmas socks would put any baby in the festive mood. Beginner’s Luck multi sock pattern is for 2-5 year olds. Toes Up socks mean that you can try the socks as you crochet and tailor them to fit any foot snuggly. Ravelry hosts links and patterns for basic socks, short, long, and middling socks, as well as sock patterns for all ages and sizes and you will find patterns here that you will not find elsewhere.

Why Crochet Socks Are Great

Crochet socks are easy and fun to make. When you crochet your socks you choose the materials and pattern, and you can crochet them in any colours you choose. Crochet socks are great for those who prefer woolen or cotton socks, but do not want to pay exorbitant prices. Crocheting socks gives everyone colourful, comfortable, and exciting socks.


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