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Five Quick and Simple Woodworking Products That Sell Fast

Updated on May 22, 2012

One of the things that many woodworkers want to know is what are the products that are quick to make but sell fast. To answer that question I have put together five of the top selling items that you can build and always have a ready market.

As a woodworker it is a good idea to specialize as this will improve your output rate and you will receive a lot of referral business for the same item. To make the work more interesting for yourself you can make each of your creations slightly unique so that you have a new challenge each time.

1. Birdhouses

One of the great things about people who keep birds is that many will keep a lot of them. Don't be surprised if you are getting multiple orders for birdhouses from the same customer! Birdhouses are quick to build and relatively small and easy to ship. People are able to identify what a bird house looks like from a photo which makes them great for selling over the internet.

2. Canes and Walking Sticks

With an aging population this is a wood product whose demand is going to continue to grow. Canes and Walking sticks are relatively easy to construct but they can be a real work of art if done properly. Also a well made walking stick can really improve someone's life, so if you specialize in these don't be surprised if you get a lot of referral business when they tell their friends.

3. Cutting Boards

This is a great item to sell on craft and handmade goods site Etsy. With more and more people becoming fascinated with cooking this is a market that will only grow. One of the other great things about cooking boards is that they make a perfect gift. If you get one customer chances are they will buy a second board for their friends and family. Using exotic timbers or unique designs can be a great way to set your cutting boards apart.

4. Wooden Boxes

Like cutting boards a well made wooden box sells great online. Women in particular love having somewhere that they can store their jewellery and there is something perfect about having an authentic, handmade wooden box.

5. Benches

Everyone needs somewhere to sit and benches are always a hot seller. Benches are relatively easy to construct meaning a fast turnaround time and good profit margins. People love their gardens and will pay handsomely for a nicely designed bench.


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      charlie 3 years ago

      i am thinking about selling birdhouses what is the market really