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Five Songs With T-Shirts In Lyrics Written By Popular Artists

Updated on September 6, 2016

The t-shirt is foremost a symbol of adolescence. Both genders, male and female, wear printed t-shirts, which blur the line between them when it comes to clothing. Today, printed t-shirts are significant items in our lives with sentimental value attached to them. Here are five popular songs that talk about t-shirts or have t-shirts mentioned in their lyrics.

  1. T-Shirt by Shontelle

    The song "T-Shirt" by the beautiful Shontelle talks about a woman holding on to the comfort that wearing her ex-boyfriend's t-shirt brings. She was supposed to go out with her friends as part of her recovery from a break-up, but in truth, she just wanted to 'curl up in a ball' wearing his t-shirt in bed.

  2. T-Shirt by Destiny’s Child

    Unlike Shontelle's "T-Shirt" song, Destiny's Child sings of a woman who uses her lover's t-shirt as a source of comfort when she is missing him and the man is not there. The couple has not broken up, but they are not together either.

    The woman also remembers the more intimate moments she and her man shared while wearing his t-shirt. The scent of his cologne on the shirt brings up the memories of their coming together in bed.

  3. Put My T-Shirt On by R. Kelly

    R. Kelly's song "Put My T-Shirt On" talks about the way a man's t-shirt looks worn by his girlfriend. She walks around his room wearing that printed t-shirt with the triple X in front and nothing else. The image has a strong effect on the man, who gets aroused while watching her.

  4. T-Shirt And Panties by Adina Howard featuring Jamie Foxx

    Adina Howard's "T-Shirt and Panties" is a sexually-charged song. The woman wore the t-shirt to bed. She was calling her boyfriend on the phone and he was asking her what she was wearing. This time, the t-shirt is incidental clothing.

  5. You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift

    Taylor Swift's hit "You Belong With Me" does not primarily talks about t-shirts or any type of clothes. The song itself is a cliché with the plain Jane getting the man of her dreams, and the bitchy rival getting her just desserts.

    It is about a girl living next door to her crush who is a very popular boy in her school. He has a bitchy girlfriend who is a cheer captain. However, the ordinary girl-next-door who wears t-shirts is favored by the guy because of how her personality meshes well with his.

    In this song, a person who is laid back and easy to get along with wears t-shirts. T-shirts are low-key get ups. They are worn everyday and are made for repeated wash-and-wear.

The first two songs are representative of how women wear the t-shirts of their men. For a woman, the t-shirt becomes a source of comfort because of his scent lingering on the fabric. The t-shirt is also a way for a woman to maintain a close connection with her mate even when he is not there.

The third song represents how a man views this female behavior. For a man, seeing a woman wear his printed t-shirt with the triple X in front marks her as his woman. The nature of man is to possess and mark his territory, and one way of doing this with his mate is to dress her in his clothing and have her wear his scent.

The last two songs mention the t-shirt as incidental clothing, but the way the females wore the t-shirts is representative of how much the t-shirt has made itself indispensable to society. It represents a laid-back down-to-earth attitude that people like. T-shirts, in fact, will last forever in the fashion world.


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