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Five more lovely lard soap recipes

Updated on July 5, 2016

Lovely lard soaps!

Lard is one of the most traditional ingredients in soap making. It also makes a hard, white, creamy bar of soap. Lard soap works best with other oils, mainly vegetable, to keep it nourishing, and not to hard for your skin. Lard is one of the cheapest ingredients out there that you can find for soap making, that and palm oil, but lard is still typically cheaper.

These recipes are all made using the cold process process, which means you will be using lye in these soap recipes. Lye is a very dangerous chemical to be working with, and you want to use it in a well ventilated area, away from animals and children. Also wear gloves and eye protection when using. If you haven't already read my original 5 lovely lard soap recipes there will be a link below, and if you don't know how to use the cold process method I will also link a tutorial.

Lovely lard soap 1

This soap will be a very bubbly creamy bar because the only two ingredients is lard and coconut oil! This recipe is perfect for beginners, and people who are just starting in cold process because of how simple it is!

16.9 oz lard

4.2 oz coconut oil

3 oz lard

8 oz water

Lovely lard soap 2

This is also a very simple recipe using cheap and easily obtainable oils, which you will most likely be able to find at your local grocery store. This soap recipe is perfect for beginners, and soap makers with a small budget!

10.6 oz lard

9.5 oz olive oil

1 oz castor oil

2.7 oz lye

8 oz water

1.3 oz scent

Lovely lard soap 3

This lard soap will be extremely creamy and nourishing to your skin. This will be a good recipe for those of you with scars, stretch marks, and blemishes. It will be a nice hard bar of soap with a creamy lather.

8.5 oz lard

4.2 oz palm oil

4.2 oz wheat germ oil

2.1 oz cocoa butter

2.1 oz avocado oil

2.9 oz lye

8 oz water

1.3 oz scent

Lovely lard soap 4

This is a simple yet amazing soap recipe. This soap uses cocoa butter which is great for dry sensitive skin and also wonderful for stretch marks and scars. This would be a perfect recipe for those of you who need a nice hard bar. This will also be great for those of you who wish to have a simple recipe that will also sell well!

13.8 oz lard

5.3 oz coconut oil

2.1 oz cocoa butter

3.03 oz lye

8.04 oz water

1.3 oz scent

Lovely lard soap 5

This soap recipe yields a very large amount of soap, so you will most likely need several molds, or a very large mold. This soap will be very simple to make, will quickly reach trace, and is a wonderful recipe when you need to make a large amount of soap in a short amount of time. Perfect for giving gifts, and selling at craft shows, or in a different venue.

4 oz olive oil

52 oz canola oil

4 oz castor oil

30 oz lard

12 oz lye

28 oz water


Armour Lard Pail
Armour Lard Pail

This lard comes in a 4 pound package and has free shipping. At only about 13$ this makes it extremely affordable, and a wonderful purchase for those of you dipping your feet into soap making, and even for experienced soap makers!



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