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Five of New York's Best Art Galleries And Their Artists.

Updated on January 28, 2014
Zhang Enli's "Transparent Shelf"
Zhang Enli's "Transparent Shelf"

Hauser And Wirth

Hauser and Wirth is located between Madison and Park Ave, at 32 E 69TH street. The Hauser and Wirth gallery is a renovated townhouse, based in London and Zurich. Hauser and Wirth is a contemporary gallery, focusing on artists with well-established names and career. Although they give younger artists a chance in the spotlight, as well. Zhang Enli’s “Transparent Shelf” was his first sculptural installation, and was shown at the Hauser and Wirth gallery from January 10th 2014 to March 1st. “Transparent Shelf” is from Zhang’s series “The Box”. Zhang is known for his “space painting”, and his plan for the series “The Box” is to make his style of space painting a more immersive and intimate version. Zhang’s canvas paintings have been described as “broadly representational”, and the narrative element of his work is determined by the viewer.

Richard Serra's "Inside Out"
Richard Serra's "Inside Out"

Gagosian Gallery

The Gagosian Gallery is located between 76th and 77th street, at 980 Madison Ave on the upper East side of New York. Opened in the 1980’s by Larry Gagosian, this gallery quickly became a wonder in contemporary art. The Gagosian gallery has regularly featured artists, such as Damien Hirst, Richard Serra, and Francesco Clemente. Richard Serra’s sculpture “Inside Out” is 80 feet long. The piece is described as “Traditional, phenomenological precepts of minimalism.” In an interview years ago, Mr. Serra said that when he started sculpting in the mid 60’s, he wanted to “do away with the object, to get sculpture off the pedestal and expand the space of field.” He summed up: “I am basically still doing that.” The piece “Inside Out” is made of weather proof steel, and is two inches thick. The piece will be shown in the gallery October 26th, 2013 to February 8th, 2014.

Peter Doig's  "Just Passin Thru"
Peter Doig's "Just Passin Thru"

Michael Werner Gallery

The Michael Werner gallery is located between 5th and Madison Ave, at 4 E 77th Street on the upper East side of New York. Michael Werner is an art dealer, and very well known. He opened his gallery in 1990 under the direction of Gordon VeneKlasen. This gallery hosts a wider variety of art; such as European painting, contemporary American, drawing and sculpture. Focusing and specializing on the works of modern masters such as Francis Picabia, Hans Arp, and Kurt Schwitters. The Michael Warner gallery held some special works by Peter Doig. Doig is a beloved painter, and the Michael Werner gallery hosted an exhibition of his work called “Early Works”; focusing on his paintings while he was still earning his bachelor’s and master’s degree, and still learning how to paint. All the works in the series were created between 1980 and 1988. The painting “Just Passin’ Thru” was created in 1982. It’s made from ink and watercolor on paper. The exhibition was held from November 6th 2013 through January 3rd 2014

David Lynch's "Bob's Second Dream"
David Lynch's "Bob's Second Dream"

Tilton Gallery

The Tilton Gallery is located between 5th and Madison Ave, at 8 E 76th Street on the upper East side of New York. The building is a historic landmark and a townhouse. The Tilton Gallery is known for promoting emerging artists from around the world. The gallery opened on 1983, and has spent close to three decades dedicated to finding new talent. The Tilton Gallery held David Lynch’s first solo exhibition since 1989 from March 6th through April 14th in 2012. All the works on that show were created between 2009 and 2011. The piece “Bob’s Second Dream” was held in that show. Lynch works in a few different fields of art, sculpting, painting, photography, and film making. In the piece “Bob’s Second Dream” he uses mixed media on cardboard, and was created in 2011. David Lynch is popular for bringing something completely new to the world of art

Charles Burns' "Robot Love"
Charles Burns' "Robot Love"

Adam Baumgold Gallery

The Adam Baumgold Gallery is located between Madison and Park Ave, at 60 E 66th Street on the upper East side of New York. The Adam Baumgold Gallery was established in 1986, and shows the works of modern masters and emerging artists. The gallery has a large collect of works by the legendary artist Saul Steinberg. Charles Burns is a graphic novelist, and had his first solo exhibit in 2008 at the Adam Baumbgold gallery. In that show, the piece “Robot Love” was hosted. “Robot Love” is a piece from his graphic novel “El Borah”. The exhibit showed pieces from his other books such as, “Skin Deep”, “Big Baby”, and “Black Hole”. Charles Burns first became known for his work from his comic magazine “Raw” in the 1980’s. Since then, his drawings have been published on the covers and on the pages of The New York Times, Rolling Stone, The Believer, and many other publications.


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