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Buy A Flapper Dress Pattern

Updated on September 13, 2011
One Hour Flapper Dress Pattern
One Hour Flapper Dress Pattern

Buy A Flapper Dress Pattern

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to make your own flapper costume dress for a fancy dress party, a performance you have coming up or just because you simply love the style of the 1920s dresses, then should definitely consider purchasing a good quality flapper dress pattern.

All you need is to get the right materials from the beginning and you will make this task so much easier for yourself.

The benefits of getting a good dress pattern mean that you can produce a dress that is completely unique.

Once you have decided on the type of fabric you would like to use, you simply make a note of your measurements and you will be well on your way to producing a one of a kind flapper dress.

Reasons To Invest In The One Hour Flapper Dress Pattern

There are several reasons why you should choose to use this one hour dress pattern to create your own customized and highly individual 1920s flapper dress.

This pattern can be ordered online with ease and efficiency.  As soon payment has been received you will get your pattern and you will be able to get to work on your creation.

Making a 1920s dress in under an hour
Making a 1920s dress in under an hour

The Reason For The Name

You will find that once you get started, you will be able to make your dress within a very short space of time. That is the reason for the name, the one hour dress pattern.

When this guide was first published back in the 1920s by Mary Brooks Picken, people didn’t believe that a dress could be cut out and sewn together in such a short space of time.

Many women rose to the challenge and it was actually recorded that some actually used the pattern and produced a fully tailored dress within half an hour.

If women could manage that during the early part of the 20th century with machinery that was not as advanced as the high quality sewing machines that we now have today, just imagine how quickly you could get the job done if you really put your mind to it.

Blue 1920s flapper dress
Blue 1920s flapper dress

One Pattern – Many Style Choices

This particular pattern gives you up to 17 different style choices to choose from. This is a fantastic benefit if you are looking for a way to make 1920s dresses for a range of different people.

This is the sort of thing that would be very useful if you are involved with a drama group and you are putting on a play set in this era.

A couple of productions that are set during this time include The Boyfriend, Anything Goes and No No Nanette. This collection of flapper dress patterns would be perfect to create outfits for the whole cast quickly and cheaply.

When you receive the pattern and instruction manual, you will find that the step by step guide is fully illustrated. This means you will get a clear understanding of how to use the pattern along with clear and concise pictures and diagrams.

Reasons To Order Your Dress Pattern Today

So to summarize, the reasons that you should order your copy of this flapper dress pattern are because:

  • It is easy to order online
  • A dress is quick to make
  • There are 17 style choices to pick from
  • There is a step by step illustrated guide
  • The pattern is based on an original idea from the 1920s.


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  • kschimmel profile image

    Kimberly Schimmel 6 years ago from North Carolina, USA

    I like the idea of the one-hour dress, but I prefer the curvy styles of the fifties. Of course the curvy styles require more time because of the fitting.

  • electricsky profile image

    electricsky 7 years ago from North Georgia

    Good fashion history pictures. Thanks.