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35 Incredible Fleece Craft Ideas

Updated on November 30, 2017
lbrummer profile image

Loraine loves arts and crafts and used to volunteer at an elementary art class. She loves sharing fun and kid-friendly craft tutorials.

For fast and easy craft projects, use fleece. One of the really great things about using fleece, is that the edges don’t ravel. Therefore, you can make beautiful sew, or no-sew, craft projects without having to spend time hemming and finishing seams. Fleece is super easy to use, so it is a great fabric for kids, teenagers and adults.

I’ve been on a thorough search for fleece craft project ideas that include not only a picture, but also patterns and tutorials. All of the fleece crafts that you’ll find here answer the criteria.

You’ll find sewing projects for your own use, to give as gifts and to sell. I hope that you’ll find a few ideas here to help you with your polar fleece crafts.

To make the beautiful fleece cardigan shown here, go to Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom

1. Monster Pillow

Who wouldn't love to receive a monster pillow as a gift? Any aged person, whether a little kid or a grandparent, will appreciate the love included in a handmade gift. For the tutorial for this project, go to Greene Acres Hobby Farm.

2. Scoodie

This is a great gift idea for cold weather friends. Find the tutorial for making this scarf/hood at Becca's Crazy Projects.

3. Wine Bottle Gift Bags

For a really attractive way to present a bottle of wine, is to give it wrapped in a fleece gift bag. A nice bag that can be reused time and again. You'll find the tutorial at instructables.

4. Elf Slippers

You might make these for Christmas gifts, but I imagine they'll keep many toes toasty for many more days of the year. The directions for making these elf slippers is found at maya*made.

5. Large Snowman

It could be used on a shelf or mantel as shown in the photo, or it could be used as a pillow. Unstuffed it could be used to hold a gift or as a door hanging. Follow the instructions at the IDEA ROOM to make a snowman for yourself.

6. Flower Petal Pillows

I believe a flower petal pillow would be a nice gift to make and to give to a teenaged girl. This elegant flower pedal pillow can be made by following the tutorial at Come Together Kids.

7. Fluffy Fleece Mittens

Fleece is so nice and fluffy, and warm, that the fabric is perfect for making mittens. Find out how easy it is to make mittens from fleece by going to the Make It & Love It site for the tutorial.

8. Scarf With Pockets

Early in the Spring and early Fall would be two times this scarf with pockets could be worn in this part of the Midwest. I love this idea and plan on making this myself. The instructions for this craft project can be found at Life Your Way.

9. Rice Bags

If you don't already have a rice bag, that you can heat in the microwave to soothe aches, make sure that this is one of the first projects you make. You'll be so glad you did. The quick and easy tutorial for making this rice bag is found at The Tangled Nest .

10. Monster Lovey Blankets

Granted. monsters aren't the first thing that you think of when wanting to calm a little child, but the little ones will grab this lovey blanket at naptime. Make this cute little blanket by going to Repeat crafter Me to find the instructions.

11. Arm Warmers

I think these arm warmers would look so nice worn with a fleece poncho. Some days it would be so nice to have the added fleece on the arms. And these arm warmers are very attractive too! Find the information to make these arm warmers at Our Peaceful Planet .

12. Snow Lady Pillow

A girl, no matter what her age, would love this cuddly pillow. For the tutorial, go to Better Homes and Gardens

13. Fleece Hat with Ribbon

14. Car Seat Canopy

When the weather is chilly you want to protect the baby from the cold winds while walking to or from the car. This is a very simple and easy to make car seat canopy. The tutorial is found at Fun

15. iPad Cozy

Make an iPad cozy for Dad, or any guy. They'll appreciate this thoughtful gift. Of course the gals would like this gift also. Find the tutorial for making this iPad cozy at CraftSanity.

16. Reversible Cowl Scarf

A cowl scarf is another gift that is appropriate for both women and men. And a reversible cowl scarf gives it so much more style value. The easy to understand tutorial for this fleece project is found at MADIGAN MADE .

17. Fleece Snowman

I love snowmen because they are really a winter, rather than just Christmas, decoration. This cute little snowman, with a tutorial at CraftElf will be a happy addition to your home.

18. Stuffed Turkey

This is an outstanding Thanksgiving project to do with the kids. Just follow the instructions at FISKARS to have this stuffed turkey for your home.

19. Heart Pillow

What would you think of making this heart pillow to give as a Valentine's Day gift? Find the instructions for making this fleece heart pillow at VIEWS from the ‘Ville.

20. Fleece Socks

Well, I for one could really use a pair of these fleece socks right now. The weather is really nippy out this morning and I just noticed that my feet are cold. Looks like I'd better go to the thriftyfun site and print off the directions so I can get busy making these.

21. Football Hat

Both little boys and their daddy will love this fleece football hat. This super cute little football hat can be made by following the instructions at Make It & Love It.

22. Fleece Octopus

This is another of the no sew projects that anyone can make. Find the tutorial at while she naps and make a few of these cuties to gift or to sell.

23. No-Sew Cap and Scarf

If Grandma is wondering what she can give her grandkids for Christmas, here is a super idea. The fleece cap and scarf are no-sew, so it would be easy to make the set, and the kids will love the soft, fluffy cap and scarf. Find the instructions for this fleece craft at P-ART-Y.

24. Doll Blanket

During Christmas vacation, one of my granddaughters and I are going to make this fleece blanket for her American Girl doll. I love this kind of project that I can start and the girls can finish themselves. The instructions for making this doll blanket is found at the creative JEWISH MOM site.

25. Oven Mitt

Although the outer layer of fabric on these oven mitts isn't fleece, there are two layers of fleece inside the mitt. This really useful craft makes great gifts, but it is also one that you'll want for yourself. Make the oven mitt by following the instructions at merrimentdesign .

26. Fringe Scarf

This fringed scarf is so easy to make that you won't believe it. MAKE BAKE CELEBRATE is where you'll find the tutorial for making this fringed fleece scarf.

27. Fleece Puppet Monsters

You, and anyone you invite to help you, will have a great time making puppet monsters. The instructions are given at creative JEWISH MOM .

28. Alphabet Pillows

Of course, the x and o are perfect if you are going to give these pillows as a Valentine gift, you could use your initials for the pillows. A nice gift idea for a girls room, or for a college dorm room. The Craftynest site is where you'll find the tutorial.

29. Slit Fleece Scarf

For a really small and lightweight scarf, this is perfect. Sometimes you want a scarf more for the color than for warmth. You'll find the instructions for this fleece project at The Project Corner.

30. Ear Warmers

Learn how to make your own ear warmers by going to smashed peas and carrots for the instructions.

31. Pet Pillow

Your pet will love you for making this warm and fuzzy blanket pillow for them. The no sew directions for this fleece project is found at Robyn’s Online World .

32. Headband with Bow

This is such an attractive and stylish headband that I think most any gal would love to wear it.
Go to Delia Creates for the tutorial to make this headband.

33. Ice Scraper Mitt

Last Christmas I made about 35 of these ice scraper mitts for Christmas gifts. Find the tutorial for making these mitts at Fleece I didn't make fun cuffs tho. I just used the fleece instead.

34. Headband with Flower

This is just a little different take on the headband, now with a bow. The directions for this version are found Delia Creates.

35. Making a Hobo Purse

© 2014 Loraine Brummer

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    • Guckenberger profile image

      Alexander James Guckenberger 8 days ago from Maryland, United States of America

      This is so cute! I love it. Great ideas.

    • profile image

      jesuslovesyou 2 weeks ago

      I loved your ideas, thanks for sharing them.

    • Dabby Lyric profile image

      Dabby Lyric 2 weeks ago from US

      Oh my goodness, I love them All!

      My Late Grandma would've loved every item listed here. They are so vibrant, fun, cute, unique and I dig it!