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Florence, Italy: Goldsmith, Painter & Mystic, Anna Lord

Updated on July 19, 2016

GODDESS Collection by Anna & Nicola

Reincarnation, 16th c Lisbon, and a sexy alien create a unique tale

GODDESS Collection by Anna & Nicola

Painting by Anna Lord

Collages by Johnny

Album Cover by Johnny

Beauty & Healing with Art

When I met Anna Lord at her studio, I knew instantly that I had entered a special space. Born in Helsinki, her mother was a Carelian refugee, and her father, a well-known British author.

Anna and her husband, Nicola (originally from Basilicata), moved to Florence two years ago, but they have been working together for over 30 years, creating high-end jewelry fashioned from gold with precious gemstones for exclusive clients.

When the economic crisis hit- or as Anna put it, "global theft by the banksters"- they began creating pieces with the same meticulous care as always, only in budget-friendly materials such as bronze and silver. Ann expressed being much happier since her affordable pieces may now be enjoyed by more people.

For the last 20 years, she and Nicola have been working on the GODDESS collection, which is nothing short of impressive. "Always the goddess in various forms," said Ann. "This jewelry represents my contribution to the empowerment of women because it's important for women to bring out their voice."

The pieces are modern yet ancient, whimsical yet powerful- a wonderful contradiction representing the complex female energy.

They are also collaborating with- and creating a logo for- an exclusive perfumery in Florence. Anna was kind enough to let me have a peek at the gorgeous design in progress, which will also manifest itself in the form of jewelry.

As if being a talented jewelry designer and goldsmith were not enough, Anna is also a painter specializing in "transformational portraits."

Seeing my confused expression, she explained, "When someone comes in to get a portrait done, I try to get to know the person and then paint her through my eyes. I depict people how I see them them."

Anna then recounted the story of a depressed woman who came in wearing black. She painted the woman in vibrant blue with lovely earrings and a golden halo around her head.

These aesthetic changes allows the sitter to glimpse her true self, which can sometimes be hidden behind sadness, stress, insecurity, or fear. "When people see themselves objectively, in the eyes of another person, it can be quite powerful and healing."

Anna and Nicola share their studio with Johnny, who specializes in collage and sculpture. Born in Florence of a French mother and Dutch father,(who founded of the library at the European Institute in Fiesole), he has always been an artist.

Johnny's work was exhibited in Florence this past May, and he is getting ready for another exhibition. He also designed an album cover for an Italian band. To see more of his work, visit Johnny's Tumblr page:

The studio (located on Via dell'Ardiglione 35 R) is not open to the general public, so please call to make an appointment. If you've ever wanted to learn an artisan's trade and experience working in a real studio (and a mystical one, at that), they offer workshops on jewelry making/design and collage.

To purchase pieces on Etsy, visit: GoddessJewelsFirenze.

For more information contact Anna Lord at: or mobile (+39) 338 691 5979

Thank you for reading!

C. De Melo
Author & Artist

Johnny's colorful work table


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