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Florence, Italy: Meet Talented Street Artist, Alexander Tadlock

Updated on January 28, 2016

#Tadlock in Florence

Tools of the Trade


"Fearless Frida"

"La Catarina"


I frequently post graffiti photos from my travels on "C. De Melo" Facebook page because I am a huge fan of street art. Sometimes, I periscope new murals or stencils while walking around the city for the pleasure of my Twitter followers.

Just imagine my delight when I stumbled upon a new street artist here in Florence! There he was- leaning against the wall, studying his sketches, and wearing a respirator mask. His masterpiece was outlined in yellow and the cans of spray paint were waiting on the sidewalk. I just had to interview him.

Alexander Tadlock is a 25 year old Mexican visual artist who has just arrived in Florence this past November. After waiting two months for the ADA (Accademia d'Arte) and Commune di Firenze to give him the green light, he's determined to leave his mark in the Renaissance City. His vibrant murals can be seen worldwide, and often contain poignant socio-political messages ( ). His most recent work is in Prague, where he created a cool John Lennon mural (#JohnLennonWall, #Tadlock).

"I don't believe talent exists," said Tadlock. He then went on to explain that dedication, willpower, and daily hard work can make anyone achieve perfection.

Tadlock, who considers himself a "Citizen of the World," was born in California and raised in Mexico. He spent some of his youth in Chiapas before attending university in Puebla, and his exposure to diverse cultures has afforded him a global perspective in the art world. A Visual Information Designer, he also runs an identity and branding expertise design start-up with a Mexican partner.

While attending university, he was afraid to pick up a pencil since he had never taken an art class in his life. Starting in 2013, he willed himself to learn from other visual artists and in art workshops. This strong urge enabled him to master techniques in watercolor, acrylics, graphite, and inks, and eventually led him into the world of street art. Amazingly, Tadlock went from learning to sketch to painting huge murals in only three short years.

During our conversation he stated that he believes art is a universal language and should be accessible to everyone (I agree 100%). He has done many murals in the slums of developing nations, and the people express their gratitude verbally and in forms of humble gifts like beer and cigarettes. Street art has the power to transform dangerous streets into public art galleries where residents can feel a sense of pride.

Tadlock intends to continue creating beautiful and meaningful artwork internationally in the hope of changing social behavior. Ultimately, he does what he loves and loves what he does as an information designer and as a visual artist.

I'll be checking the progress of his work in the days to come and posting photos on my "C. De Melo" Facebook page for those of you who share my passion for street art.Thanks for reading!

C. De Melo
Author & Artist

"Ilustración Monumental por el 75 Aniversario de la UDLAP"


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